Actually, the naion-wide Wally World strike by WallMart workers is a revolution by working Middle Class Americans to save the working Middle Class from becoming 21st Century peasants in a John Birch Society Republican 21st Century Feudal System.  The Present day Republican Party would eliminate all regulations of business, they would eliminate all labor unions (the only voice of the working Middle Class), and they would establish a plutocratic oligarchy in America where the wealthiest 1% would control America and the 99% would live in feudal poverty.

In the short time that WalMart has been in existence, the Walton family have become billionaires and Sam Walton’s widow’s estate, each one of Sam’s children or Heirs, each one of Sam’s Brother’s kids have become individually one of the world’s 100 wealthiest people (see Forbes); their wealth was derived by WalMart depriving workers of decent salaries and benefits, depriving workers of labor unions, and using illegal immigrant labor.  Republicans consider WallMart an example of the “American Dream”; in reality WallMart has been a major player in destroying legitimate competitive businesses and eliminating the working Middle Class.

The WallMart strike is a revolution by America’s working Middle Class.

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