It is Election Day, and I am residing in Paris at this moment; while Americans were voting, it was my own bedtime.

There is six hours difference in time between Paris and New York and nine hours difference in time with San Diego.  I thought about staying up late to get election results, and decided instead to just go to bed; there was nothing more that I could do, I cast my vote on October Fifth, the first day for early voting in California.  So, I slept instead of listening to pundits guess about election results.

About 5:10 AM, nature called, I awoke, I turned on the TV, and just a few minutes later President Obama was declared projected winner of the election.

Yes I was pleased.  Yes my faith was restored in the American people.  My sincere hope is that this time, Americans can move forward not as Democrats and Republicans but as Americans.  There is much to do!

What pleases me most in this 2012 election is that campaign contributions did not determine who became President; unfortunately, I firmly believed it did decide many other offices (like Congress).

My wish is that the US Supreme Court’s, Citizen United Decision, be declared unconstitutional by the People, instead of the reverse by the Court; that would be justice.  The American democratic Republic cannot survive elections like this one in 2012; some changes have to be made!

For me, the reelection of President Obama proved that my President did do as President, exactly what he promised to do when elected in 2008.  Hopefully he can finish the Job.

Now I am going back to sleep.



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