I see Americans voting and see that they’ve got everything wrong.

They are unaware that Faux News is not a dependable source of information. Commentary by pundits is not news.

The American media is owned operated and controlled by Corporate America; they are not in the news business to enlighten the People, they are in business to make profits and Americans are therefore “dumbed-down”.

Most Americans cannot live in Western Europe for a few years and see for themselves; I did.

I was fortunate enough to be able to see America from the “outside” looking “in” 2000-2005; it was not a pretty sight. I love my country but I now understand why most of the outside world, have grown in recent years to fear and hate America and that grieves me.

But comparing American news media with foreign news media during the Bush Administration was especially enlightening. You got to see and hear on the internet, what Americans were seeing and hearing.  It was different!

Polls in America indicate that the People are totally misinformed. Most Americans are ignorant of why bin Laden attacked on 911; it’s in the US Commission on 911 Report but no one reads it.  Americans read, listen, and believe whatever they want to believe. Vot

The definition of arrogance is: “Offensively exaggerating one’s own importance.”  Seriously, is arrogance  a Faux News, American media, and an ugly American fault?

What do American People really hear from American Presidential candidates; what must these candidates do and say to get elected?  What is a good reason for voting for a candidate?

America is a democracy; if Americans believe in democracy, they must vote for one of only two alternatives.  Voters have a choice; it is called the power of the ballot.  In a democracy, where the majority wins, there are really only two alternatives if a majority is required to win.  Not voting or voting for a third entity is a vote for the worse of the two alternatives.

Americans are not always responsible voters and are seldom adequately informed.  Pity!

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