Today I read an article in the Washington post, “What is dragging down the economy”; I wasn’t impressed but I thought the title was and excellent idea, so I wrote my own version and this is it.

Actually, the Republican Party is the major factor in dragging down the American economy; the Republicans in Congress have voted against and filibustered everything that President Obama and the Democrats have attempted to do, to help the economy, including, the Republicans even rejecting President Obama’s appointments to key departments dealing with the economy.  The proof is simply a matter of the Congressional Record; “The Republicans did it” is a simple statement but a monstrous factor.

Then to make matters worse, the Republicans used the unemployment and failing economy, along with the Citizens United decision, of the 5 John Birch Republican Justices on the Supreme Court, to win a majority in the House of Representatives in 2010 and further impede the efforts of the President to improve the economy and employment.

It is inconceivable but a fact that the Republicans had the nerve to publicly admit that they would do nothing in Congress for President Obama’s four years in office, except to prevent President Obama from getting reelected.  To me that statement is an act of treason and not politics or respectable policy for an American political party.

To think that any American voter with a concern for America, the American economy, or the unemployed American workers would actually vote for a Republican for Congress is beyond the realm of reason.

Another thing that is dragging down the economy is that everyone is concerned about Wall Street and the Stock Market in terms of how good or bad the economy and unemployment is.  How silly can Americans get.  If anyone is truly interested in the economy and unemployment, look at the statistics for Americans Living in Poverty since 1992 to the present; it tells the story.

The fact of the matter is that corporate profits have never been higher, they are a record high!  The unfortunate statistic is that UNEMPLOYMENT IS A AT A RECORD HIGH!  Now it is simple logic that it is the American working Middle Class that is suffering in this current American Depression; meanwhile, the Republican Party is calling for eliminating all regulations on business and the protection of American consumers, as a solution for unemployment!

Businesses that are reaping record profits IS NOT IN NEED OF HELP, SILLY, IT IS THE UNEMPLOYED WHO ARE IN NEED OF HELP.  America has the 2001 Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy that proves without a doubt that making wealthy people richer is NOT the solution to unemployment; it only increases the budget deficit and the national debt WITHOUT CREATING ANY JOBS.  For even more emphasis, remember that corporate profits have never been higher than now during this economic depression!

One other related thing that drags down the economy and is creating unemployment is that those seemingly concerned are looking for a solution go “to what is going on with Boeing, Caterpillar, and companies like Polaris” instead of what is going on with the AFL-CIO. If a person in interested in unemployment, they should not go to employers for answers; employers are the least concerned with unemployment and they are only interested in profits, not unemployment; as a matter of fact employing workers is a cost factor for employers that reduces their profits and employees are a negative factor for employers.  Employers look to this equation: profits equal the difference between selling price and cost of raw materials plus labor; this is simple arithmetic.  Employers want the cheapest labor available.

Another basic problem in America is the “Freedom of the Press”; this Constitutional Right is a Right of the media to print what they want to print and not a Right of the media audience to have a reliable source.  Polls indicate that the American media audience is grossly misinformed in political, economic, and foreign policy matters.

The news media in America is owned, controlled, and sponsored by Corporate America.  America gets only news that Corporate America wants them to know.  In America, TV and Newspapers are free; the cost of newspapers goes to venders.  News in America is paid for by Corporate America sponsors and media profits comes solely from sponsors; the media are dependent for success on sponsors and not the TV and Newspaper audiences.  Americans get only news Corporate America wants them to get.

When the news media tells the People that labor unions are rife with corrupt union leaders and spend millions contributing to politicians’ campaign funds, it is a myth.  Our present economic Depression was caused by corrupt bankers and CEOs not corrupt labor union leaders; Corporations have millions to contribute to political campaigns and labor unions have only a small portion of workers’ union dues to support labor candidates.

With the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision, wealthy corporate contributors and foreign interest with a stake in American elections have contributed billions to largely Republican anti-labor candidates.  In the recent recall election in Wisconsin that was supported by the AFL-CIO against Gov. Walker who made unions and collective bargaining illegal in Wisconsin, Walkers campaign funds were ten times as much as the funding for the recall candidate.

Citizens United  has for all practical purposes taken the power of the ballot from American working Middle Class People.  The huge contributions of wealthy corporations and foreign entities with an interest in American politics has had a huge influence on American politics  and the support for Republican anti-Labor candidates;  in 2010, the anti-labor union candidates took control of the House of Representatives basically on huge contributions by Corporate America because of Citizens United.

The Republican Party candidates have amassed huge campaign funds for the 2012 Presidential election.  Despite the vast majority of American voters being working Middle Class Americans, the Presidential candidates are deadlocked in the polls and Gov. Romney has praised the anti-labor union administration of Gov. Walker of Wisconsin, calling him a hero.

Everyone agrees on one thing; the key to American unemployment has been Corporate American employers outsourcing American worker’s jobs to Mexico and overseas.  This has been the effect of the Republican Party backing free trade agreements like NAFTA.  Though NAFTA was signed by President Clinton it was negotiated by President George H. Bush and approved by a Republican Congress.

South of the Mexican border from Mexicali, there are miles of new manufacturing plants of American Corporations who manufacture goods with cheap Mexican Labor and then sell their products to American consumers.  Polaris was one of the most recent companies to move to Mexico, to produce snowmobiles with cheap Mexican labor to then sell to American consumers; Polaris was a success and profitable while based in America; however, using Mexican labor  increases their profits.  Polaris is one example of many.

For verification of Republican generated “free markets” being the cause of the current American depression, simply go to any eighth grade American History book of the Twentieth Century and read about Labor History, protective tariffs, and the politics that made the American economy grow.  It is a matter of American History.

So, what is dragging down the US economy?  You won’t find the answer in the American media.  But, Americans can use their head, arithmetic, and reliable American History and make up their own minds.

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