In the 2012 Presidential Debates, the public was shocked when President Obama showed up evidently in paralysis, Gov. Romney was in a manic state, and the moderator, Lehrer, appeared to have been subjected to mace by Gov. Romney’s attacks on the moderator.

Critics blamed Lehrer for “losing control”; Lehrer claimed that the “new format” for debates worked as they were supposed to work, allowing the candidates to battle mano vs. mano in front of an audience that was prohibited to react to the candidates; the audience was required to remain mute.

Lehrer was right in that “he did it his way”; the real problem was that his way was the wrong way.

It was noble in thought that candidates go, mano vs. mano, only privately, with a mute audience; but conflict and political debate doesn’t work in a vacuum that way, especially in POLITICS.

Politics is about people, voters, and when two candidates meet voters face to fact and the moderator has forbid the people there to react, the moderator has KILLED the debate; the debate is all about influencing people and when a candidate says something and his audience reacts neither positive or negative, the politician has failed to either gain the people’s favor or their ire and that is what elections are all about!

There was people at the debate, but they were like dummies without a ventriloquist.

A good speaker, who inspires people, feeds off of his audience.  Gov. Romney doesn’t relate to people; he memorized his attack and performed it well without any emotion expressed by the audience.  The President, who is known for instilling emotion in his audience, fell flat when the audience appeared to stoically ignore him and his words.  For the President, it was like writing a note with a pencil without lead.

The debate format lost the debate!  I listened carefully to the President’s words and he said the right things, I understood what he was saying, but his acting skills did not match his skill with words.  The President’s theatrical efforts, were terrible.  The President is a lousy actor; he is best at sincerity.  His audience was shocked by his behavior but mute; he appeared to refuse to look at the audience or the camera.  Unfortunately, the audience was not allowed to express their displeasure until AFTER the debate!

The First Debate was NOT an actual debate; the candidates could have written their words and had Lehrer read them; this is what the President’s problem was, in the first debate.

A debate without a “live” audience is ‘make believe’, more like a silent movie.


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