Today’s American Political News From The Outside Looking In!

     Well, I have been in Europe now for more than a month and I am thoroughly enjoying missing the total involvement in the American Presidential Election process. I just finished watching the news, here in Switzerland. Today, it covered the Republican Convention.

      Besides German, French, and Italian broadcasts, I can watch three TV news channels here, in English: CNN (European version and bad), BBC (British version and not enough US news), and Aljazeera News in English, which is the best of the three and certainly better and more impartial than either Fox or CNN in the USA.  Aljazeera just finished covering the Republican Convention on TV, using American journalists and commentators (one a former US Army officer); they were very impartial, intelligent, and informative.  Why does all of this embarrass me?

      Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that the Republican convention must have really been bad, since all the important participants chose to go to a hurricane instead, and it wasn’t even a very good hurricane.

      But hey, to me comedy is the only real source of energy in life and Sarah Palin has provided great comedic therapy for this otherwise, disgusting Presidential campaign.  Of course, I wouldn’t want to have to vote for her since she is a little more sinister and evil politically than Attila the Hun, but I think she would be a fantastic person to hang out and have a drink with: a gun toting beauty queen, an ex-professional fisherman, and a totally ruthless politician.  I am looking forward to her and Maureen Dowd going at each other; I wouldn’t take bets.

     Possibly, Sarah Palin and McCain can take their Abbot and Costello show on the road and win a lot of votes; they really do spell relief for all those poor Bush supporters (especially GOP athletic supporters, Sarah was also once a sports broadcaster).

     However, I can’t believe that those damn nasty Republicans chose good ol’ Sarah for McCain’s Vice and then wouldn’t tell her what a Vice President does every day; I think that is extremely unfair, to Sarah.

     It is interesting, from a Constitutionl point of view, how the St. Paul Police are man-handling protesters and journalist at the Republican Convention; I assume that President Bush has given the St. Paul Police permission to use ‘waterboarding’ on prisoners!  I read with concern, the story of St. Paul Police using an old decrepit warehouse as a holding area for protesters and the fact that it has no rest-rooms.  Those prisoners might welcome ‘waterboarding’ after being held for a long period of time in a run-down warehouse without rest rooms.

      Of course, I was proud of Obama coming out and stating that families of candidates, particularly children, were off limits to Democrats who were campaigning.  But then, the Democrats don’t really have to say anything about candidates families; the Republicans are the ones doing all the talking to defend Sarah Palin’s selection and they seem more adept at campaigning for the Democrats than the Democrats do, just by defending Sarah and her family.  Personally, I don’t think they need to be defended!

      But holy moley, claiming that Sarah Palin is well informed on foreign matters because her state is next door to Russia?  What a stroke of genius!  That is just about as intellectually brilliant as the McCain campaign can get?  However, everyone must remember that McCain was a prisoner of war in Viet Nam and therefore qualified to explain Palin’s qualifications; it all falls into place!

      (I certainly don’t want to be disrespectful of John McCain, whom I respect, but if I had a preference, I would prefer to have a candidate who did NOT get shot down and was NOT taken prisoner.  But, that is just my personal preference.)

      Actually, I am enjoying being in Switzerland during this idiotic political campaign. I am able to check on the insanity in America, by going on the Internet, and I don’t have to subject myself to continuous pathetic and biased American TV and newspaper coverage.  I cannot think of one American news reporter or commentator that I can truly respect, today.  Lord, Lord, I do miss Walter Cronkite.

      There is one thing that Americans have yet to learn and that is that Hitler did not have to censor German news media; they censored themselves to keep from earning Hitler’s ire.  George Bush is the recipient of the same kind of American news self-censoring; the Bush regime is exceedingly vindictive and powerful.   Rove and Cheney are masters of character assassination (just ask Valerie Plame or Scott McClellan).  That is the one great advantage of looking at America from the outside (Europe), you can see how truth is kept from the American people by the American media.

       God bless America!

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