Today, I read about a person who did not want to be put in an American social “class”, specifically that person did not want to be considered a part of the American Middle Class.

Personally, I tend to perceive the term “Middle Class” with the word “working’ preceding it, as in “working Middle Class”.

In America we have definite class distinctions, whether we like it or not, just as we have Republicans, Democrats, and Socialists.  Anyone who has to work for a living, are not Wealthy or they wouldn’t have to work; anyone who has to work cannot be consider “Poor” because they are fortunate enough not to live in poverty.  So, I admit to three social classes: Wealthy, working Middle Class, and Poor, not necessarily in order of importance.

Today I’m quite old, but I remember when I was in elementary school, and I knew then that I was of the working Middle Class people and that is where I would stay my entire life.  And, that is where I am today, though retired; I am a retired working Middle Class American and one of Gov. Romney’s 47% People who he considers inconsequential.

The “American Dream” that Mitt Romney talks about, is about winning the lottery; you cannot be working Middle Class or Poor and become a billionaire by “working”.  I always knew that!

Sixty-eight years ago, I went to work and worked until I retired.

Some friends of mine have a business of their own; they work 12 hours a day every day: some of them say they are working Middle Class and some of them say they are not considered labor (working people) and I just do not argue with any of them.

However, it is important to know that I do not feel inferior to those wealthy people who do not have to work nor do I feel superior to those living in poverty because they can’t work or are one of God’s creations who are not employable for whatever reason.  Some wealthy people who do not have to work think everyone else should have to work; they tell the unfortunate unemployable, “Go to Work” but those wealthy complainers wouldn’t hire them, because they are unemployable for good reason.  So much for the unfortunate  poor.

Being a worker, I always felt that I was important to society, my nation, and humanity, because I was a worker and only work can create something.  A man with a billion dollars in his pocket and lost on the desert cannot create a donkey to get his ass out of the desert.

The railroads were one of the things that made America great and my father was a worker who built steam locomotives; he was proud of the steam locomotives he helped to build and I have always been proud of him for making America great!

The wealthy owners of the railroad did not build their steam locomotives, my father did; the railroad owners paid my father as little as they possibly could to build their steam locomotives, but it was my father who built those steam locomotives.

When I got old enough, I worked to become a school teacher and then when I became a school teacher, I worked as a school teacher proudly teaching my students what they needed to know to go to work and build steam locomotives.

I have always been a laborer, a proud working Middle Class American.

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