When I was born, the Republican Herbert Hoover was President and he talked much like Mitt Romney and said if he was ‘just’ elected, there would be a “Chicken in every pot”

Hoover was elected and we didn’t have “a pot to pee in”.

I lived in an industrial city surrounded by farms.  We of unemployed working families did not have money to buy food and didn’t have food and our farmer neighbors couldn’t sell food they produced and they didn’t have any money to buy shoes.  This was the “Great Depression”.

Franklin Roosevelt became President and his Administration bought food the farmers produced, to subsidize the farmers so they could buy shoes, and the President gave out-of -work workers “Relief Boxes of food” so we would have enough energy to find any kind of work that we could.   Teenagers couldn’t find lawns to mow, because my father, a father of four, would wake up earlier and mow lawns to support his family.

We took the food President Roosevelt gave us, we ate it, and we decided that we were not too proud to accept our governments welfare, charity, or whatever you wanted to call it; we were hungry and our President Roosevelt fed us.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt became like one of our family; we needed help and he gave us help; we were hungry and he fed us; and when he died, we mourned him as one of our family.

Today, the Republican Party has been taken over by the John Birch Society and they believe ONLY in predatory capitalism, ONLY COMPETITION, attack every other being on earth, and COOPERATION AND COMPASSION is socialism and a sign of weakness; Mitt Romney is the John Birch Society Republican’s High Priest.

Mitt would not share a crumb of his crumpet with an American who is out of work, because Bain Capital outsourced his job to China.  Mitt says 47% of us working Middle Class Americans and the poor, are not even worthy of  THINKING ABOUT, because we are predestined to vote for a more compassionate candidate, President Obama.

The Republican Party has not only changed, the Republican Party is shrinking every day and eventually will consist of only the 1% of wealthiest Americans.

Personally, if Franklin Roosevelt were running on the Republican ticket today, instead of Mitt Romney, I would vote Republican.  If, for no other reason, I would  prove Mitt Romney wrong.

That is the perspective from a child of the Great Depression.

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