First, Strike Out the Democrat Enemy Within; Then Go To November!

     Today, I was asked to sign a petition to censure Senator Diane Feinstein for her vote to give immunity to telecom corporations for being a co-conspirator with President Bush to secretly violate the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment and secretly and indiscriminately intercepting and recording electronic communications of American citizens without a valid Warrant.  As a liberal democrat, there can be no compromise for violations of my Constitutional Rights.  Therefore, I gladly signed the petition and added my comment along with my signature.  This is my comment:


      “If liberal democrats are to be totally ignored by Democrats serving in Congress, then the Democratic Party no longer serves the liberal democrat agenda and we need to form our own party, so the Democratic Party will have to give us consideration if they want our contributions and vote.  It is time that the Democratic Party recognizes liberal democrats as a force to be negotiated with; it is, after all, our party.  If Democrats in Congress feel obligated to placate ‘centrists’, Neocons, and other conservatives, who violate the Constitution, then those Democrats can look to someone other than liberal democrats for contributions and votes.”


     Otherwise, it is time to purge our Democratic party of the Feinsteins, Liebermans, and other ‘Neocon Lites’, in order to serve the real purpose of our party members.”


     Liberal democrats ARE the Democratic Party!

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