President Bush’s Ambition and His ‘World Catastrophe’: A Letter to My Cousin

My dear Cousin,


      Your mail about the “New World Order” arrived today and thank you.  We totally agree that America has become a scourge on the planet just as all the other imperial schemes to dominate the world have been, throughout world history that you and I read about eons ago.  No one seems to read history anymore.  This time around, it is obvious that our own America has destroyed any opportunity the world had for world peace and equity among the multitude of ordinary men, women, and children born to this planet, earth.


     Of course, the answer to the question of why America, who began in 1776 with such a flare for democracy and equality, became an Ogre and hated among mankind is simply greed, which we both agree is personified by President Bush and his ‘Project for the New American Century’ (which most Americans have never read)!.


      You and I have seen ‘our American Dream’ morph into a hated ‘planetary monster’ that has through its superior ‘killing technology’ destroyed and maimed so many children and parents in Afghanistan, through America’s ‘B-52 Carpet Bombing’ of Afghanistan where no military targets ever existed; it is a horrible legacy for America.


     America attacked, invaded, an occupied Afghanistan where there were no military targets and against a people who had nothing to do with the bin Laden heinous terrorist attack on America, except that bin Laden was allegedly located, somewhere in that desolate sovereign nation where neither America nor Afghanistan could locate him.  Seven years later, bin Laden is admittedly long gone from Afghanistan and yet America still occupies that sovereign nation and America continues its indiscriminate killing of innocent Afghans in an effort to eliminate ‘Afghan Insurgents’ and in doing so, America continues to generate hatred around the world in the process.  The American people have been indoctrinated by their President to believe that Afghanistan is a nation of terrorists and it seems that Americans have forgotten that bin Laden was ‘the actual terrorist’ who attacked America.


      A combination of ‘contrived American hysteria’ and ‘fait accompli’ by the concerted efforts of President George W. Bush and his accomplices, is the only explanation for the ‘American Iraq Debacle’.  Americans have now witnessed the catastrophe of Iraq and have finally recognized it for what it is, a war to control the world’s oil supply.


      Americans seem to have forgotten President Bush’s doltish excuse of Saddam’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that were and imminent threat to America and now seem to apparently ignore President Bush’s excuse that his intent is to make Iraq a democracy, even if it necessitates America killing off all of the Iraqi people to accomplish it.  Yes, we are encouraged by the seventy to eighty percent of Americans do not approve of President Bush’s wars and policy.  Perhaps there is hope after all.  If America could only have an honest election!


        It never seems to occur to Americans that there are some Iraqi people who love their former sovereign nation and their civilization that predates the life of Jesus Christ.  Too many Americans do not seem to understand that some Iraqi patriots are willing to give up their lives for the country that they used to have or to avenge their wives and children that were killed by the ‘Shock and Awe’ bombing by America that President Bush’s Regime bragged to Americans about inflicting upon Iraq’s people.


     President Bush is totally obsessed with ‘winning’ in Iraq, however he does not tell the American people that what he wants to win is domination of the Middle East and its oil assets; President Bush’s aspires to dominate the world.  What else is there to win in Iraq, a desolate desert and the ruins of an ancient civilization?  American soldiers, fighting and dying there, are convinced that there is nothing else there that they see worth fighting for or dying for.  Yet, American soldiers continue to die in Iraq and Afghanistan.


      Certainly, President Bush’s ambition to rule the world conflicts with the hope that you and I have that the world will learn to live in peace and each person will be a benefit to all the rest of humanity.  “No Man is an Island” and that is a truism..  Unfortunately, those in history that we have known, who tend to believe as we do, have been crucified or assassinated.  We can only hope that from these ashes yet another world order can emerge, a world of compassion and hope.


      May you keep the faith my dear cousin and may the spiritual forces that we humans refer to as our God, bless us with peace in our future and for out progeny.


 Your Cousin, Richard.

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