The simple truth is that unemployment HELPS the Republican Party, the Republican Party is the Party of Corporate America, Corporate America are the employers, and Corporate America is extremely wealthy and will not hire new workers until AFTER the 2012 election in November.

Hiring workers is necessary for production of products or services; lowering the cost of labor results in bigger profits.  Today, Corporate America is making record high profits and employment is at a record low.

Just where does the President of the United States or a political party fit into the economic equation?  The Republican Party is anti-Labor, anti-Labor Union, and anti-democracy; that pretty well sums up America’s economic disaster.  Workers are also America’s consumers.

Banks fail, GM fails, and they are bailed out; unemployment is staggering, and the Republicans filibuster stimulus packages.

Then there is the Republican Bush Tax Cut For The Wealthy, which has added to each budget deficit and raised the National Debt every year since 2001 when it was enacted to “produce jobs”.  And, there are the Republicans who insist on balancing the budget and lowering the National Debt.

Holy crap!  How can any working Middle Class American vote for any Republican?  Working Middle Class Americans represent a vast majority of American voters and the 99%.

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