The most important things in life, I learned in childhood from my unique and idyllic mother and father. I was an exceedingly lucky person to have the parents, grandparents, and siblings that I was born to love.

They taught me “real life”, and it stayed with me my entire life, and that is what I am.

Personally, I never sought exceptional wealth; I concentrated on being happy regardless of wealth. . I’m now 88 years old and happy; I consider myself a success!

Both of my parents taught me that “probably”, I would be poor all my life. They were right, I became a school teacher.

My parents taught me that my being poor, to succeed in life, I would have to work for an employer; and for me to succeed in life, it would be necessary for me to convince my employer that I was the best damn employee he ever had. It worked for me most of the time.

And, my parents taught me that I also need to be aware of the fact, employees need to have a voice in what became of them, and the “only voice” of working Middle Class and Poor was Labor Unions; Labor Unions are the only voice of working Middle Class and Poor employees, who happen to be a majority of voters in America.

One other thing that my mother taught me. She taught me that a big difference between the male and female is how they think, and behave, and their philosophy of life. She taught me well. Women are different from men, in “thinking”.

Mom also taught me that women were equal to men, and children are equal to adults, and that “God counts each sparrows fall.” And, Mom didn’t care much for sparrows, but still considered them equal and did not approve of my shooting at them with my BB gun.

So it is that I try to see a woman’s perspective and a man’s perspective and the differences. And, many times over my 88 years of age, I would have rather had a woman President of the United States than a man, because she had the better perspective.

Today I saw a piece by Senator Kamala Harris on Facebook. And she said: “Something I’ve seen over and over again in my own career is that women in power bring a different perspective. An essential perspective. And it’s a perspective I hope to see represented more and more at every level of society.”

I was so glad to read that based on the most recent elections, and now I have to make a confession of sorts.

In 2016, I had a choice to make of a male Presidential Candidate and a female candidate. Personally, my conscience bothered me, about voting for either and the female Presidential candidate was one that I had known over a long period of time. And, because in my estimation, Hillary Clinton did not think like a female, she did not talk like a female, she did not often dress like a typical female, and when she spoke of political issues, she sounded more like a male candidate than a female candidate and I disapproved of her typically male arguments with which I disagreed also.

Now first of all let me say that I do not “hate” Hillary Clinton! I do disagree with her on most political issues! But I have to admit that I do not consider Hillary, representative of a candidate of the female gender in her perspective and thinking. And as such, she represents just other male type candidates that I most often criticize. And, Hillary, was also financed by Wall Street and anti-labor.


Personally, in the last election, my conscience require that I vote against President Donald Trump whom I did not see as qualified for the Presidency; and that required that I vote for Hillary because of America’s 2 party system. Just not voting or voting for a third party candidate would be helping elect Donald Trump.

So, I voted for Hillary! Hillary lost! I lost! I sincerely believe that almost any other pro labor female Presidential candidate would have beat the terrible “asinine” Donald Trump. All Trump had going for him was that he was the winning Republican Candidate in the Republican Primary; he lost the majority vote of the general election and won the Electoral College (with the help of the Russians not necessarily the Republicans).

So, I am overjoyed by the 2018 Congressional elections because of so many qualified women winning Congressional Seats. I now look forward to America’s 2020 Presidential elections (IF we have one).

In 2020, I actually do expect to see a great, respected, and worthy female Presidential candidate for the Presidency from either one of Political Parties, who supports working Middle Class and Poor Americans, and I hope to be able to vote for her.

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