Personally, I’m disgusted with my American government; but I can’t quit trying to make it better!

Donald Trump is a fascist by definition, he is a White Supremacist, the thinks the President has the power of God and is all powerful and he can close down the Government to get what he warts in America. His motto is the same as Adolf Hitler’s was in Nazi Germany, Hitler said, “Make Germany Great Again” (but Hitler had a reason)!

Webster Dictionary definition of fascism: “A political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation, and often race and stand for a centralized autocratic often militaristic government.”

Donald Trump does not represent the Republican Party that I once knew! What happened to the Republican Party of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Earl Warren.

Unfortunately, today the Democratic Party is not any better; in 2016, Hillary Clinton got the Endorsement for President and vote of Republican past President George Herman Bush. If Hillary Clinton is the best the Democrats can do, they should lose.

Both parties are driven by Wall Street. It is time for we the people provide our own party, our own news, and a united front!

Corporate America now purchases America’s candidates and elections.

And, six corporate conglomerates own ninety percent of ALL prime time news, both newspapers and TV news. American news is Corporate America propaganda!

America vastly needs a new Labor Party who represents the working Middle Class and Poor. A Party that represents the American majority; a Party that publishes their own newspaper and has their own TV news channel with all accurate news for “We the People”!

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