Americans, as a People are not stupid; they are however most often made stupid, for the sole purpose of providing Corporate America with the means to make huge amounts of profits, at labor’s expense.

And in America today, the American People are simply and deliberately indoctrinated in stupidity intentionally, for the benefit of corporate profits.

Take my word for it, I have lived in different cultures and I can tell you that capitalism is different in America, than in other cultures. And Capitalism is different in different circumstances within America!

We Americans are taught that out democracy is “good” for the People! It is! However, democracy can be misused to the advantage of certain elements of our society. And, basically Americans need to understand how their human rights can be misused.

For example, in our American democracy, the People vote and a majority wins, and we believe a majority represents the People. However, if the minority of wealthy Americans and wealthy Corporations are allowed to use their wealth to decide elections, elections no longer represent the working Americans. Voting and majority rule no longer represents the People, voting represents the wealthy.

If voting and majority rule represents the people, does that mean voting does not represent the minority in any way? In our U.S. Constitution, our founders believed that the Bill of Rights protected the Rights of the voting minority.

Hence, America’s Constitutional Bill of Rights exists to provide protection for the minority of American voters!

But, a problem exists in America, when Constitutional voting and/or the Constitutional Bill of Rights are deliberately misused to the advantage of one particular segment of the population.

U.S. Constitutional Voting and Civil Rights must be “controlled” by government to accomplish their specific purpose! And, Americans need to be taught the actual purpose of our Constitution. Unfortunately, too many of our voters are not aware of the specific purposes of our democratic Constitution.

Some elements (the John Birch Society, for example) of our American society would have Americans believe that our Constitution was never meant to make America a democracy! John Birch Society Blue Book, p.124 ” . . . democracy is merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and a perennial fraud.” (Continued in Footnote 25, p. 136.) “Our founding fathers . . . visibly spurned a democracy as probably the worst of all forms of government.”

Unfortunately, the John Birch Society has become a player in recent politics; the John Birch Society, Koch brothers, financed the Republican “Tea Party”, and the “Tea Party”, as a front group for the John Birch Society, won both Houses of Congress in 2014, and have had a debilitating influence on our government since then, and now especially with the “Electoral College” win of the Presidency in 2016 by President Trump, and evidence of Russian hacking in the election, America has a President elected by a minority of American voters and perhaps a foreign government.

Another huge factor in American economy, occurred in 2010, when the U.S. Republican majority of the U.S. Supreme Court decided by a 5-4 decision, “Citizens United”, providing that the law establishing legal limits on political contributions by corporations, was illegal.

Since 2010 it is obvious that American political candidates and elections have been actually “bought” by Corporate America and Congressional Districts have be gerrymandered by another John Birch Society “front group”, financed by the John Birch Society Koch brothers, a nonprofit corporation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC.

America’s government and economy are in a crisis today.

So, obviously and unfortunately, some elements of our American democracy have had a very bad influence on American law and our “capitalistic economy”. And unfortunately, American workers today are uninformed and their rights and income are being taken from them, by “bad law”, and a bad Congress.

Voters need to understand some basics of any capitalistic economy. For example, wealth cannot create products or services, and only labor can actually create products or services.

Further, capitalism is based upon competition, however production is based upon cooperation of capital and labor!

Capitalism only works efficiently when “collective bargaining” takes place between employer and employees; and the essence of collective bargaining is that there should not be winners and losers, but instead simply “agreement” between workers and management on wages and working conditions.

It is essential that labor and management are not construed as “enemies”; because after collective agreement, they work for the same purpose, the success of their collective business enterprise!

Collective bargaining (formal or informal) is essential in a capitalistic economy; without it, the economy reverts to a period in history when no middle class existed, there were only the wealthy and the peasants!

In our American capitalistic economy today, the People have forgotten the past history of economics. The American economy is facing a crisis, and unfortunately, American politicians are ignorant and too often biased.

Today America faces the problem of “inequity in Incomes”; the wealthy are getting more of the wealth and the working Middle Class and poor are suffering from lower average wages and higher prices!

The American inequity of income problem is evident, known, and a national problem, but politicians have ignored it. The result is that the wealthier are getting even wealthier, the Middle Class is diminishing, and Americans living at the poverty level is increasing drastically.

America since the 2016 election is having a very evident government political crisis that is so bad that the people are not even aware of the economic crisis Americans are facing. Americans are blinded by the politicians equating the American economy of the condition of the “stock market”!

This is of course, only one person’s assessment of America’s problem today, but I hope it is helpful.


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