As a very old American (88 years old), yesterday I experienced another “Armistice Day”, while my younger (yet very old) friends celebrated Veterans Day. Most Americans today do not recognize “Armistice Day”; they are not even AWARE of what an armistice is.

The name of the holiday for November 11th each year in America, was changed some years ago to “Veteran’s Day”; it is not the same.

When I was young, on the 11th month, the 11th day, and the 11th hour of every year, America experienced “Armistice Day”. Every bell, horn, or whistle was activated followed by a time of silence out of respect for soldiers who died in the horrible catastrophe of World War One.

As a child, I was reminded of war, the First (purportedly the “last”) World War! My uncle Roy died in France in that war. As a child, I was also aware of many “shell shocked” men, who were soldiers and survived that War; these “shell shocked” veterans of World War I were survivors of gas attacks. They were the fathers, uncles, and relatives of my friends; these veterans lived with abnormal behavior the rest of their life, caused by being gassed on the battle front. These “shell shocked” were my concept of what any war was like.

For me, November Eleventh is still Armistice Day. I do not celebrate “Veteran’s Day”, though I a “technically” a Veteran, though “drafted” between wars and never serving in battle. I cannot take my being a “veteran” seriously, though at the time I served my country because I felt obligated make my contribution, protecting my American democracy.

Further, I have relatives that have served in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, my uncle Roy in World War I, my brother Walt in World War II, and my wonderful grandsons Daniel and Andrew who were in combat in Afghanistan.

This Armistice day, I was talking to a good friend of mine who is a “Veteran”, and he had never heard of the worlds “Armistice Day”. I taught him what it was!

Later in the day, I watched in news the President of the United States “celebrating” Armistice Day in Paris France, the historic place where the Armistice was signed. The President of the United States had to be reminded by news reporters that the Armistice of World War I is not “celebrated”, it is observed!

The American President Trump, then decided NOT TO ATTEND the services recognizing the sacrifice of American soldiers in the French graveyard of American soldiers who “liberated” France in WWI; this was the purported purpose of President Trump being in Paris, but since it was raining the American President did not attend, because of the rain. Representatives of all other nations involved in World War II, stood in the rain commemorating those brave Americans who were killed liberating France!

President Trump it seems, was primarily interested in meeting again with Vladimir Putin, dictator of America’s most dangerous enemy, who was in Paris to honor our American soldiers who died to free Paris of its invaders; President Trump has a love for the Russian dictator, who has been proven to have “hacked” America’s 2016 election that President Trump “won”!

Personally, I am having a difficult time, experiencing this American President, Donald Trump, who received 3 million fewer votes of American voters than his opponent, and won the election based on a “pro-slavery” Electoral College Constitutional election device from the year 1787.

My feeling is that my American democracy has been stolen from me.

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