My own earliest taste of death, came when I was eleven years old, and Jimmy Slade in my elementary school class drowned in Lake Decatur during summer vacation! I remember it well!

My mother insisted that I attend Jimmy’s funeral; Jimmy was the first “dead person” that I had ever seen.

Jimmy’s death had a great effect on me at age eleven; it forced me to study and decide on a philosophy of life and death. Therefore, at that time I developed a philosophy of life and death that I maintained for my entire life.

After considering my experience dealing with Jimmy’s death, considering biblical concepts, and considering some other’s personal concepts, I decided that when I was born, I was destined to die! I would never know when, or how, and there was absolutely nothing that I could ever do about it!

Therefore, I have never worried about my own death, I have lived each day to the fullest, and have adopted the philosophy that my goal in life would be and is, “happiness” (not pleasure but satisfaction)!

During my life time, I have known many people who have constantly worried about their own death (and their getting into “heaven”)! I sometimes felt their concern about their own death deprived them of much of their happiness during their life!

Whereas for myself, I have tried to simply achieve happiness, love my neighbors, have compassion for my enemies, and eat my carrots and my cake!

As a result of adopting my philosophy of life and death, and after having suffered the death of so many of my loved ones, I found that my loved ones do not die, only their body dies, but my loved ones live on in spirit and my memory; they are always there for me when I need them. And, we communicate in my every thought. I’m constantly aware of their “presence”.

And therefore, as a result, I do not mourn for a long period of time, because my deceased loved ones are always still there for me; I “feel” my deceased loved ones in my memories.

And, I find that I often remember the birthdays of my loved ones, but I never seem to remember their date of death!

In my lifetime, I have dealt with my share of tragedies; but because of my philosophy of life and death, I do not suffer for long periods of time and I have lived a wonderful life! Because no matter what the tragedy, life goes on, and we have no alternative other than suicide or happiness, and I have never, ever considered suicide, nor would I!

Note: My only purpose in posting this life and death philosophy of mine, is my hope that it just might help someone else!

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