Today, I read a piece, “How to Talk to Your Kid about Periods, The what’s and when’s of talking to your daughters and sons about menstruation”, By Taylor Pittman.

This is my response. I am a retired teacher; I became a teacher for what I believed about ignorance, understanding, misunderstanding, stupidity, good teachers, bad sadistic teachers, and ignorance of parents who were not to blame for their own ignorance.

The purpose of public schools is to teach students what they need to know about various school subjects AND LIFE for them to live a happy life. Schools are not for the purpose to teach kids how to be good employees, though it does in essence.

Happiness of the People and becoming good citizens is the answer for why we have public schools. In our American culture children grow up being very ignorant, because through no fault of their own, their parents are made ignorant by their ignorant parents,about our society and its morays! Teacher are not able to answer all the students questions either, and I’ve tried. I never intentionally punished any of my students because, if they did something wrong it was because I didn’t teach them the right way! There’s no place in the public schools for punishing students. Teachers teach!

Psychologists say the best way (only way) to teach behavior is for the teacher to be an excellent (perfect) role model; being a good role model is the most difficult part of teaching!

I’m a male and was ignorant of female menstruation until an age beyond which I should have been aware. Women are made aware of the female menstrual period, unfortunately too many times, unaware until they have their first period (many times, while they are in school and have a ignorant male teacher).

I ask my mother where I came from and she told me, “God brought you to us!” I gathered from that, I was an immaculate conception! In my time, immaculate conception meant according to the Christian churches that “the mother Mary” was not married and made pregnant by God! God’s friend Joseph took the blame for Mary’s pregnancy and married her!

Another thing, in all the pictures that I have seen of Adam and Eve, both have Adam and Eve have had navels (belly buttons); why?

Personally, I attended a “school attended by city kids” and another “school attended by farm kids”; the farm kids knew a helluva lot more about sex than the city kids. Why?

It would appear that I’m at the end of my life, I have no regrets, and have lived a very happy life, intentionally! When I was 17, I was most happy at that age and, decided not to get any older; I didn’t. And I end each day finding something to be happy about.

I’ve never said I was too old to do something; however I’ve tried to do some things and failed, concluding that I was too damn old to do it and so I failed.

Now, I’m 88 years old and I would like to have a lot of 17 year old friends; I’ve tried to make 17 year old friends but all they want to do is help me cross the damn street. I don’t want to cross the street; I live on this side of the street!

So I’m old and still enjoy life; I’m still learning, I’ve been married and divorced 3 times and still have a lot to learn about sex. I still do research on sex whenever I can. Unfortunately, there are still no complete experts on sex!

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