Democrats are their own worst enemy. The D.C. Establishment Democrats are the problem; they believe they represent the party and not the People. Their 2016 convention was rigged, with super delegates of the Democratic D.C. Establishment and not representative of the voters (the People).

And, this is exasperation for voters looking for candidates that represents People’s interests.

To the Democratic D.C. Establishment, elections are about money and the corporations have the money to buy elections and candidates.

Democrats should look at the record, and who votes for whom!

The Democratic D.C. Establishment should take look at the past!

In 2000 Gore lost! In 2004 Kerry lost!

In 2008, a Black Man won the Primary and election because the People wanted health care and opposed the D.C. Establishment primary candidates! In 2012, Obama won because he came through for the People with healthcare, the greatest need of the People, today!

Then in 2016, Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was supported by Wall Street. And, the D.C. Establishment “fixed” the primary and convention for the Establishment candidate, against the People’s candidate Bernie Sanders.

In 2016, Hillary complains because, the liberal progressive worker Democrats who supported her liberal progressive opponent Sanders in the primary, did not vote for her in the general election.

Instead, Hillary won the endorsement and vote of former REPUBLICAN President George Herman Bush, and lost the Electoral College and the Election to Donald Trump.

Does this explain the 2016 fiasco!

Democrats never learn!

The “Democratic D.C. Establishment” has forgotten the Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who won FOUR elections, because he was the People’s candidate and not the politician’s candidate.

The People voted for Roosevelt, because he provided relief boxes of food when the People were hungry! He founded the Civilian Conservation Corps when they needed work! And Roosevelt made the 8 hour day, forty hour week the law, providing more jobs for the People. Oh yes, and he Provided Social Security!

Then, in 2000 and 2004, Republican Candidates George W. Bush Jr. won the Presidency and, Trump won the 2016 election, because President George Bush Jr. and Donald Trump promised the People lower taxes for the wealthy which was to “trickle down” to the People and provide jobs for workers.

Can you believe it?

Actually, Republic Candidates did not win; instead it was the Democratic Candidates and the People who lost.

Today, the Democratic Establishment blames the Democratic liberal-progressive worker Voters, not for voting Republican, but for not voting for Democrats supported by corporate America, not voting at all, or for voting for a third party candidate!

The Democratic Party has a huge problem.

The problem is not the People!

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