Believe It or Not; A Republican President Was in the White House on Nine-Eleven

       How many Republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

       Republicans campaigning for President have been screaming at the top of their lungs since 2001, that if American voters want to be safe from terrorist attack, they should elect a Republican President; don’t they realize how utterly stupid that statement is!  Now, in 2008, the Republicans are starting to scream again that America needs a Republican President to protect the democratic Republic from Terrorist attack.

      Do the Republicans actually believe that Americans are not fully aware that a Republican President, George W. Bush, actually was in the White House at the time that bin Laden and his terrorists did attack America on Nine-Eleven?

      It was the preceding Democratic Administration’s Homeland Security Officer, Richard Clarke, who actually warned President Bush that, a bin Laden, attack on America was imminent!  The warning was totally ignored and President Bush admittedly took NO ACTION, WHAT-SO-EVER!  When President Bush was warned of the imminent bin Laden attack, he was cutting weeds on his ranch in Texas and after receiving the warning, he continued to cut weeds.  It is all there to read in the Nine-Eleven Commission Report. 

      When the Republican Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was asked about the response to the warning, she replied that America was already doing all it could to prevent a terrorist attack and NO FURTHER ACTION WAS REQUIRED!

      The greatest terrorist attack ever against the United States took place when a Republican President, George W. Bush, was in office!  It is his legacy.

      Is there something in the drinking water in America that makes Republicans say those things?

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