Gina Haspel was a member of the President W. Bush’s Administration involved in the torture of prisoners of war which is illegal by the International Law. International Law is technically also law in America by act of Congress approval of International Law by treaty (U.S. Constitution).

After President Bush left office, he was invited to Switzerland to give a speech. If he went to Switzerland, W. Bush was threatened to be served with a subpoena to world court for crimes against humanity, because of his use of torture on prisoners of war during the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. W. Bush did not go to Switzerland nor has he traveled outside of America, since.

“George Bush calls off trip to Switzerland”:

Now President Trump wants to appoint Haspel as head of the CIA; President Trump has publicly stated that he approves of torture and would use it as President of the United States. The U.S. Senate is now ready to approve of Gina Haspel to director of CIA. It would appear that Gina Haspel has already, while in the W. Bush Administration, been guilty of torturing prisoners of war and crimes against humanity under International Law!

Now the question is, if either Gina Haspel or President Trump decide to travel overseas on business, do they risk getting a subpoena for crimes against humanity by the World Court, for torturing prisoners of war?

Personally, it grieves me that members of my American Government past or present are guilty of “crimes against humanity”. How can Americans stand to look at our allies in the face, after the nightmare of America committing “Crimes against Humanity?”

Where did all the flowers go!

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