The American Totalitarian Era: George W. Bush 2001-2009

       Americans have been suckered out of their democracy and they cannot figure out when and how it happened!  The truth of the matter is that Americans became soft on vigilance, complacent about civic responsibility, and overextended in their effort to maintain their standard of living with all the material goodies that they have been persuaded to covet.  In the process, they have forgotten how to think and resolve problems.

       Recently Gore Vidal was quoted saying that it would take a hundred years to repair the damage that President Bush has done to America.

      “We live in a dictatorship.  We have a fascist government . . . which controls the media.”

       Though Vidal is totally correct, even liberal Americans would disagree saying that America has ‘freedom of the Press’ and the President has to listen to the people and Congress and obey the Constitution; those Americans who doubt Vidal are wrong. 

       Americans even appear to be unaware that the media has totally misled them and President Bush has done whatever it pleased him to do, in spite of the fact that eighty percent of all Americans and a majority of Congress disagree with his policy.  That my American fellow patriots, is what a dictator and fascist government is: the head of the nation has no restraints.

     This is how ‘Totalitarian America’ happened.  Life is all about power.  Power is what makes cars go so that Americans do not have to walk and power is what makes computers solve problems in parts-of-a-second that people would ordinarily take days to accomplish.  Unfortunately, after a life-time of cars and computers, many people forget how to walk and how to think, especially when they are deprived of knowing the facts.

      Absolute political power is derived in a democracy by controlling the media and thereby controlling or limiting the people’s knowledge of the issues.  Information is kept from the people that they require to make appropriate political decisions.  Political power is being able to compel an entire nation of people to believe that it is in their best interests to support the government, no matter what it does.

      In democratic America, power is derived from controlling the media and at the same time, keeping the people satisfied with material things and preoccupied in keeping the mortgage paid, sending their kids to college, and virtually leaving the governing of the nation to politicians.  In America, it was easy to gain power for leaders who have no conscience, no morals, and simply choose to ignore the Constitution.

      This is the way it works.  The Freedom of the Press Amendment in the U.S. Constitution allows the news media, newspapers and TV, to report anything they care to report or withhold anything they choose to withhold and the government cannot prevent the media by law from doing it.  The news media has power; it has the power to control knowledge.

       Now Americans have been mistakenly made to believe that the media is in business to inform the public about what is going on in the nation and world; that is absolutely untrue.  American news media is in business for only one reason, to make a profit.  It is a big business.  So, actually the power of the news media is derived from its profits.

       All profits of the American news media come from one source, advertising.  All advertising comes from big, wealthy corporations.  Therefore, the news media does not have to satisfy its customers by providing knowledge that can be used to make proper political decisions; however, the news media does have to satisfy its corporate advertisers in order to make large profits.  Advertisers have great power over the news media because advertisers control profits.  Wealthy corporate advertisers have great power over the news media.

       The Federal Government Executive Branch, with the President at the head, is responsible for the regulation and oversight of corporations in America.  This gives the President great power over corporations. 

      The President also can determine which news media will be allowed access to extraordinary news releases (or leaks) from the White House.  This gives the President some control over some news media.

      However, wealthy corporate advertisers have the greatest power over the news media and those corporate advertisers want the news media to report only news that is in their best interests and only news that is in the best interests of the President, because the President has the responsibility for regulation and oversight of corporations.

      Consequently, power in America is derived from wealth and the capitalistic economic system; wealthy corporations have sufficient power to destroy the democratic Republic.

       Comparing the news disseminated in European democracies with the news disseminated in America is like comparing oranges and apples.  The difference appears to be that the power resides in the people and not wealthy corporations.

       It is truly amazing that when Americans are asked, today, what the motivation was for the terrorist bin Laden’ heinous attack on September Eleventh, Americans do not know the answer even though bin Laden announced it and America’s Nine Eleven Commission verified it.  Bin Laden’s incentive for the Nine-Eleven Attack was in retaliation for the establishment of an American military base in Muslim Holy Land, Saudi Arabia.

       America has been fighting a ‘War on Terror’ for seven years and Americans don’t even know what caused the war.

       In the same seven years, wealthy corporations have been criminally running amuck, unregulated; news media has manipulated the news; the President of the United States has continuously ‘stayed the course’ in Iraq in defiance of eighty percent of Americans and a majority of Congress; and the American people do not believe they live in a dictatorship and a fascist government that manages the news.  How can this be?  Well, you will not get any answers from the American news media!


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