To working Middle Class Democrats, it’s bane; to Mitt Romney and wealthy Republicans it’s Bain and vain!

Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s corporation or choice,  stalks distressed AND successful companies, a prime example of “predatory capitalism”; not exactly a poster boy for what  America calls capitalism, but fails to practice in an ethical way.  (Ethical capitalism is seemingly an oxymoron in America.)

Bain Capital is in business solely to make profit, NOT to create jobs, NOR to provide consumers with a quality product or services.

Bain makes profits in any way possible, including raiding pension funds of employees.  The words “hostile takeover” is descriptive along with “profitable bankruptcy”.  Mitt Romney is exactly correct; Bain Capital is all about business and he and Bain know all about business.  The question is, does working Middle Class Americans want Mitt Romney to be their President?  Does America want their motto to be, “In profits we trust”, properly inscribed on the American dollar.  Mitt says that profits are what ‘American dreams’ are all about; is it?

Mitt is a nice guy with a perpetual smile but would working Middle Class Americans want their daughters to marry him?  Come November 2012, we’ll see.

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