NOTE: This morning, I found this autobiographical story I wrote some years ago; I decided to do a rewrite and post it today.
The story is actually autobiographical, except that I have used pseudonyms for my wife Marlisa and I.
But but the narrator’s actual name is Alonzo; and I still see Alonzo occasionally, often sunning himself on a walk, someplace.
We have since become “speaking” friends, and at least I call him by his given name, and wish him well and a bright sunny day.

Contrary to much of life on earth, Alonzo was born alone and left to his own devices without any form of parental guidance.

Life treats various of species differently. It was normal for Alonzo to be born with the responsibility to care for his own self and he actually suffered no debilitating emotional effects. That is life on earth for some born into this world.

Alonzo’s first days were interesting and exciting. He could adequately care for himself. He found delicious food here and there in the garden. He kept a low profile, avoiding birds of prey and marauding cats who preyed in the garden. Alonzo had been born with an innate fear that these predators were dangerous to lizards like himself.
One warm sunny day in Southern California, Alonzo was sunning himself on the wall of the white stucco of the Gilbreath’s house, in Southern California. This is where he had been born and had lived in the Gilbreath’s garden for all of his brief life. This was home.

He was contemplating how he should spend this day. His short life had already began to be somewhat tedious. There was this feeling deep in his heart that he needed to expand his horizons. His world was completely familiar to him and he wondered what existed beyond his garden home.

On occasion, he had encountered Mr. or Mrs. Gilbreath in the garden. Once Mr. Gilbreath almost scared him to death. Alonzo was resting quietly and Mr. Gilbreath whacked the heck out of a weed with a hoe next to the geranium Alonzo was resting beneath. Alonzo ran as fast as he could, which was quite fast, from the geranium to the creeping Ficus where he disappeared.

He could hear Mr. Gilbreath first yell, and then laugh heartily, because he had been startled even more than Alonzo when Alonzo darted across the garden path in front of him.

Alonzo had always avoided the humans. Interestingly enough, he did not have the same fear of them that he had for the birds and cats, because he had found himself at their mercy several times and they seemed not the least interested in eating him and Mrs. Gilbreath instead had pointed and laughed and said, “Look at that baby lizard Honey, isn’t he cute?”

Alonzo never took a chance to test the relationship, however.

Today, Alonzo was enjoying the sun here on the wall of the Gilbreath’s house, but he was thinking.

“I am becoming complacent,” he said to himself. “I know little about the world other than which plants in the garden seem to attract the best tasting bugs. I know there is a larger world than the one I know.”

With that, Alonzo climbed higher yet on the wall and found himself on the screen of the bathroom window. He noted that the screen did not fit tightly, there was a gap there that was sufficient for his young body to pass through.

“Why not go there and explore a different world!” he concluded. “It is time I found out what the rest of this world is all about.”

Alonzo squeezed through the gap in the window screen and found himself in the Gilbreath shower. “Not too interesting,” he surmised. “Stark and white and completely uninteresting; no plants or bugs to eat”

He then proceeded to start down the wall when he found himself on very unstable ceramic tile and he started to slide. “Sheeeeeeeeesh!” he yelled in panic, sliding completely to the bottom of the shower. “Wow! Now how do I get back to the window?”

Coincidentally, this was the very time Mrs. Gilbreath decided to shower. She opened the door and took one step into the shower without seeing Alonzo.

“Yikes!” shouted Alonzo as he clawed desperately at the slick shower wall helplessly. Fear grasp him like he had never felt in his short life.

Mrs. Gilbreath looked so different without clothes on it was frightening. She was a dull light pink color all over and was just a terrible sight to behold. And then, she yelled so loudly in freight when she spotted Alonzo.

If only he could depend upon her being more frightened of him than he was of her, he thought. But before he could make another move she had left the shower.

Unfortunately she closed the door behind her.

“Oh Boy,” he thought. “Now I’m in a real pickle!”

It seemed like no time until Mr. Gilbreath arrived and opened the shower door. At least he looked normal with clothing covering his terrible pinkness.

Mr. Gilbreath was scary however, because he was laughing hysterically and he reached out and made a grab for Alonzo.

By this time, Alonzo had gathered all his wits about him and was prepared for Mr. Gilbreath. Alonzo spun around, reversing his field and shot out the door between Mr. Gilbreath’s legs.

Alonzo then sped around a large porcelain structure and sought refuge behind a blue waste paper basket.

Mr. Gilbreath was nobody’s fool Alonzo discovered. He moved the waste basket and exposed Alonzo for all the world to see.

“Look Out!” Alonzo cried as he ran across the bathroom as fast as he could. He found he had ran into a corner and the huge Mr. Gilbreath had him surrounded.

“Oh! God help me!” Alonzo pleaded scratching into the corner helplessly as everything went dark. Mr. Gilbreath had thrown a towel over poor Alonso.

Alonzo’s heart was beating so hard he felt it would jump right out of his body. His whole life flashed before his eyes. He had the sensation of being grabbed and carried aloft and he almost lost consciousness.

The next thing Alonso knew he was on the ground in the garden again, and Mr. Gilbreath, carrying his towel, was heading to the back door of the house.

Alonso stood there stunned!

When he had regained his composure, Alonso pondered his terrible experience in his mind.

“Now, I know for myself that there is nothing of any value in the world outside of my garden,” he concluded. “I feel sorry for the poor humans who have to make a life for themselves inside a house. It is such a sterile, inhospitable environment.”

Alonso continued to enjoy life in the garden.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreath were often observed by Alonso puttering around there, but his attitude toward them had changed drastically.

Alonzo was even less frightened by them now. Having grown older and more experienced, he actually accepted them in his garden, and felt sorry for them and their boring life inside the house.

One day, Mrs. Gilbreath moved a flower pot under which Alonso was resting. She withdrew, frightened and he tried to sympathize with her but she all but ignored him.

Then, Mrs. Gilbreath merely smiled and scooted him aside while tending to her potted plant.

Humans are not all bad or good Alonso decided.

But it is better if you just leave them alone, in their own drab world.

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