Is Incredulous Stupidity Expected of Americans?

       Do Americans really believe that the exorbitant price of gasoline is determined by supply and demand?   Do Americans really believe that the oil cartel, OPEC and American Oil Companies, are so honorable that they would never stoop to manipulating prices to gouge consumers for all they can get?  Do Arab dictators make good American capitalists? 

       Is there a shortage of gasoline in America so that American Oil Companies have been unable to provide any American SUV driver a fill-up?  Will the President’s approval of drilling oil wells off-shore and in Alaskan wildlife refuges reduce the price of gasoline to what it was two years ago?  If you think so, would you be interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn?

     If President Harry Truman was in the White House today, how many Americans would object to him taking over the America Oil Companies to protect consumers?  Does any American doubt that Truman would take over the oil companies, if he was President, today?

     If Thomas Jefferson would have know that oil would be more of a necessity to America than public schools and the U.S. Post Office, would Thomas Jefferson have provided for nationalized oil procurement in the U.S. Constitution?  Why does the U.S. Congress subsidize American oil companies?  Mexico nationalized oil production; what is the price of gasoline in Mexico compared to the United States?

      If oil is what the Iraq War is all about as Allan Greenspan and General Sanchez say, on an average, how many  miles per dead American soldiers are American drivers getting today!

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