Today, on the front page of the local Newspaper, “The San Diego Union Tribune”, was a story “about the story” that a porn movie star, Stormy Daniels, told on “CBS 60 Minutes” (that drew a record breaking number of listeners); the story that “Stormy” told was about having “consensual sex with President Trump for which she was not paid, and only had sex with President Trump one time, shortly after the President’s wife had his last child.

President Trump maintains Stormy’s story was totally false, is not true in any respect, and President Trump insists that “Stormy” is lying about ever having consensual sex with him, and “Stormy” has broken an agreement that “Stormy” made with him and for which “Stormy” was paid $130,000.00, not to tell about President Trump having had sex with her???


Further, President Trump maintains that because “Stormy” broke her promise, and a legal agreement, for which she was paid $130,000.00, “Stormy” owes President of the United States, Donald Trump, $20,000.000.00 for breaking Stormy’s promise not to tell her story of her having had consensual sex one time, with him, for which she was not paid for the sex and he denies it ever happened.

Now, the reason for “Stormy” accepting the $130,000.00, agreement according to Stormy, was because she received a threat on her life, by an unknown man, in a parking lot, while “Stormy” was carrying her young legitimate child and the child’s diaper bag into the building and she felt obligated to sign the agreement because of the previous threat on her life if she told about having sex with President Trump.
That’s the joke folks!

Actually, the joke is not funny, because it tells the story of what kind of nation, America has become; humorous perhaps, but a dysfunctional fascist government; Webster Dictionary definition of fascism: “A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race and stands for a centralized autocratic often militaristic government.”

We in America fit fascist, today!

Do I believe “Stormy” and why; yes I believe “Stormy” and I’ll tell you why”?


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has obviously lied with impunity on National television many times since becoming President, and I do not trust the President of the United States of America to tell the truth; and, Stormy’s speech and reasoning is that of an intelligent person, and her description of the behavior of the American President of the United States, Donald Trump, is precisely how I would expect and how I would perceive him to behave, based on his own limited intellect and personal behavior.

You have to admit, that a grown man, who insists that Stormy’s story is totally wrong, and he paid her $130,000.00 not to tell it, and because “Stormy” did tell it, President Trump insists “Stormy” must pay him $20,000,000.00 because she broke their agreement, Donald Trump cannot be too intelligent and, when such a man as that is the President of the United States, that man certainly cannot be a very intelligent President and you have to wonder about how anyone in their right mind could vote for him.

Personally, I am not an Einstein; but I have evidence that I’m not crazy, or stupid. I have several college degrees, was a certified teacher my entire life, and my “shrink” has certified me as “sane”, at my request just in case you were to ask!

God help America, because neither Republicans nor Democrats obviously can.

After the 2016 Presidential election, I do not trust Republicans nor Democrats, nor Presidential candidates, nor do I not trust the Presidential elections of any State in the United States, and I cannot trust any U.S. Congress with a favorability that is today the lowest in history!

America today is the laughing stock of the world; I lived in Europe from 2000 to 2005, and my European friends cannot believe what is happening, and they fear America’s “dorkie” President will start a nuclear war that will end civilization as we know it.

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