It seems the Republicans were ready to roll out the Rev. Jeremiah Wright issue of 2008, and play it again in 2012; Mitt Romney, a Mormon, wisely thought better of it which prompted Sean Hannity of Faux News to condemned Romney for stopping it.  See the Huffington Post, 5/17/12, Link:

Hannity,  is inexperienced in ethics, uneducated, uninformed, and an ignoramus, who is constantly repeating misinformation over and over and over on Faux News.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was the minister of a Church of Christ (a denomination which includes my own historic Congregational Churches).  Wright’s congregation was primarily an African one.  Rev. Wright had served in WWII in the racially segregated US Marine Corps. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who has since retired, has paid his dues.

During the 2008 election, Faux News played a sound bite from one of  Rev. Wright’s sermon, over, and over, and over. In the sound bite, Rev. Wright was saying “God Damn the American Government……”  The sound bite was only the beginning of a prophetic quote parody and the complete sentence was, “God damn the American Government FOR WHAT IT HAS DONE TO MY PEOPLE!”   I have to agree with Rev. Wright!

Personally, I served in the racially segregated US Air Force and I was serving when President Harry Truman by Executive Order desegregated America’s Armed Forces in 1950 and I can truly appreciate Rev. Wright’s complete statement.

I am offended by Faux News and Hannitiy’s attack on the Church of Christ and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Subsequently to Faux News 2008 religious attack on President Obama, PBS telecast an interview with Rev. Wright, they played the video of the completed sentence, and Rev. Wright explained the context of  the sound bite that Faux News had played out of context, continuously during that Presidential campaign in 2008. Unfortunately, no one apparently watched the PBS interview but me.

I would be remiss if I did not move to defend the Church and Rev. Wright and rebut Hannity, Faux News, and the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is obviously no longer the Party of President Lincoln.

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