Tom Brokaw: “Its Time to Rethink the White House Correspondents’ Dinner”, Huffington Post 5/7/12:

Brokaw, “ proceeded to criticize political coverage for focusing on too much on the extreme ends of the political spectrum.”

With due respects, Mr. Brokaw, and I do respect you, politics of today do not reflect the White House Correspondent’s dinner, the WH Correspondent’s dinner reflects the politics of today.

The basic problem sir, is that when compared with foreign media, the American media is obviously controlled by corporate advertiser profits and corporate ownership and do not reflect needs and concerns of the American people. Compared with foreign media, American media is censored, edited, and biased.

In America TV and newspapers are practically free, media profits are from advertisers; media misinterprets news, history, and the Constitution to appease advertisers reflecting THEIR interests and not the peoples. American “Freedom of the Press” is freedom for the media like Fox News to be misinforming; the Supreme Court’s ‘Citizens United” decision that established Corporate America as flesh and blood with freedom of speech took a terrible toll of democracy.

Democracy is under fire today from John Birch Republican ideology. These are political extremist concepts you and your political pundits should address, like the John Birch Republican fiasco in Wisconsin. When you interview these extremist candidates for office, they should specifically be asked their opinion on the John Birch ideology. Are you in the media allowed by editors to mention John Birch Society ideology: anti-democracy, anti-Labor Union, anti-Public Schools and manipulation of voting rights restricting the electorate? None of you ever do it.

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