Yesterday, I watched President Trump report to the American People that his Administration had eliminated most of the regulation of business in America, and that was a great thing for business and now business was free to do business in any way they chose! This was a great thing for American business, President Trump said; he never mentioned how it would affect the American consumers (and every person in America, especially working Middle Class and Poor).

President Trump’s TV spectacle made me sick at my stomach because I am a history teacher and know why regulation of business became the law of the land. But unfortunately, most Americans do not remember any history that they studied in the public school, and they were totally ignorant of why those regulations of business were enacted in the first place; personally I seriously doubt that the current President of the United States has a clue to why business needs to be regulated for the good of the American People.

It was ironic to me, that Republican President Trump would eliminate all regulations of business, because the Republican Party has had two excellent Presidents in its history, President Lincoln and President Teddy Roosevelt, known as the “Trust Buster”. President Roosevelt was the President who said that if America was going to be a capitalistic nation, business and corporations musts be regulated to prevent monopolies from eliminating competition, and screwing the consumers (and every American is a consumer).

So, President Trump is the antithesis of the Republican Presidential hero, President Roosevelt, “The Trust Buster!”

Sadly, the worse example of a monopoly, today, is America’s news media that President Trump seems to hate.

And the news monopoly is dangerous to America. When freedom of the press was written in 1787, the only news media was village newspapers, each individually owned and operated; their freedom of the press was to preserve the news media’s right to print the news, as the truth, informing the people, a necessity of a democracy.

However, today, 10 corporate conglomerates own 90% of all prime time news in America, newspapers and TV. They do not compete for news gathering, they do not compete at all, they have a monopoly and all their profits comes from corporate advertising, not the sale of their product!

Americans are not privilege to legitimate news, the news media today is the propaganda devise for Corporate America who has a monopoly on the news media and without any control of their propaganda for their own benefit.

Corporate monopoly in America today, particularly in the news media, is an extremely dangerous threat to American democracy and an invitation to fascism; Webster Dictionary definition of fascism: “A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race and stands for a centralized autocratic often militaristic government.” The news media in Nazi Germany became the Nazi propaganda device for the benefit of Adolph Hitler to control the People.

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