Today, I received a ridiculous tirade against illegal immigrants from my cousin; she maintained we could be ever so proud of our German grandparents and how terrible other immigrants are today; I had to answer her letter as best I could. This is my letter!

My dear cousin, this article is written by a Rosemary LaBonte, and obviously she is a “White Supremacist” like President Trump, who is totally ignorant of American History; and LaBonte hates Mexicans, just like President Trump hates Mexicans, and wants to build a huge wall between my Mexican neighbors here in California, and Trump, other American White Supremacists, and me.


Oh yes, I’m proud of my German immigrant grandparents, as you are, but they are only half of my heritage.

You, LaBonte, and President Trump need to consider the fact of how Arizona, New Mexico, and California actually became part of these United States; if you will, you will find they were a part of Mexico and the “Whites” were the illegal immigrants who “stole” these states from Mexico.

I’ve lived in San Diego most of my life; “Mexicans”, who I consider American Citizens are my neighbors, my best friends, and some are my doctors and teachers and mayors, legislators, and today one of our Senators is of Mexican ancestors. I do not consider them illegal immigrants even if they technically are.


Personally, I do not approve of foreigners taking American jobs, because I’ve been a labor union member and sometimes a labor leader; and, I protect American jobs.

However I do not blame illegal Mexican workers for taking American’s jobs in America, because I absolutely know that the problem of illegal Mexican workers, is not the problem of Mexicans; THE REAL PROBLEM IS ILLEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN EMPLOYERS, WHO RECRUIT AND HIRE CHEAP MEXICAN LABOR. AND, IT IS ILLEGAL TO EMPLOY ILLEGAL MEXICAN EMPLOYEES; AND FURTHER, ILLEGAL AMERICAN EMPLOYERS “RECRUIT” CHEAP MEXICAN LABOR, WHO ARE WORKERS WHO HAVE “NO FUTURE OF MAKING A DECENT LIVING IN MEXICO”! Personally, I’m an American, I am a labor union member, but most of all I am a compassionate human being!

Illegal Mexican workers are not largely criminals, living on welfare, or bad citizens; they fear most of all, being exposed and want nothing to do with the police, welfare, or any other part of government, because they don’t want to be exposed as “an illegal”. Instead, they make the best neighbors, the hardest working employees, and best behaved residents.

When World War II broke out in America in 1941, Hitler’s Germany declared war on America and when I went to our largely German immigrant Lutheran Church the next Sunday, during the night someone had hung a swastika on our church door. And, there were times during WWII, I was called a “Heinie” because of my last name!


Not too long ago, someone wrote a comment about me on Facebook and because of my obvious German name, referred to me as a “Nazi”!

There are Mexican friends of mine who were brought to America by Mexican parents when they were babies one and two years old; they have been “Americans” their whole life and know nothing else. They have gone to school and college in America and are physicians, teachers, lawyers, auto mechanics, plumbers, and respectable “American” citizens, but in reality they are “illegal immigrants”! Today, President Trump is taking great delight in exporting these fine respectable neighbors and friends of mine.

When I was in college studying to be a teacher in 1954, I did some research on Mexican students living in states that were formerly part of Mexico. Because most Mexicans in those States (legal because they were born in those States), were poor families, both parents had to work, the grandparents had to live with the family, and the Mexican grandparents had to take care of the children while the parents worked.

The Grandparents were old enough to know, and they taught their grandchildren that where they lived was actually Mexico, but it was currently occupied by the Americans, after America went to war and invaded Mexico.

Because of my German name, people believe that I am of German heritage. Actually, half of my ancestors were from the British Empire, and one of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War.

My great-great grandfather was a Cherokee Indian half-breed, who was a veteran of the War of 1812 (fighting on the American side). He had to move from Tennessee to Illinois to avoid President Jackson’s “Trail of Tears”.

My Great-great Grandfather Elias Walker was driven from his native land in Tennessee to Illinois, by the White Supremacist American President, Andrew Jackson, who had a law passed that decreed all Indians in America had to move west of the Mississippi River.

Later my grandfather was assassinated when he returned to Tennessee on business; he was assassinated, I assume, because he had Cherokee blood. His body was identified by a check he received for being a veteran of the War of 1812!

While I am at it, I might as well confess that I have some other wonderful, beautiful cousins like you that I dearly love, and they love me; these other cousins of mine are Muslim, but I never refer to them as Muslims, they are actually cousins and beautiful people.

My dear cousin, yes I am proud of my German immigrant grandparents; however I have no problem whatsoever with any present immigrants in America.

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