The Specter of a Foreign Military Base Located in San Diego California

        For reasons that I speculate to be sinister, the incentives for the Saudi Bin Laden’s Terrorist attack on America, September 11, 2001, has been kept from the America people though it documented and common knowledge.  America built an American military base in Saudi Arabia in 1991, with the approval of dictator King Saud but contrary to the wishes of the Saudi people; Osama bin Laden took issue with America building this military base in the Saudi Muslim Holy Land and has stated publicly that his 9/11 Terrorist Attack was in ‘retaliation’ for that American intrusion into Saudi Muslim Holy Land.  America’s Nine-Eleven Commission noted that this was the ‘cause’, the motivation, for bin Laden’s Attack.

      Yet President Bush has never acknowledged it.  Instead, he has said on numerous occasions that the incentive for the Terrorist Attack on 9-11 was” because the Terrorists hate America’s freedom”.

    So it was with knowledge of bin Laden’s motivation for attacking America that I considered the case of the people of Potrero California, a mall community  adjoining the city of San Diego, objecting to the building of a military training base for the Blackwater Worldwide Corporation in their community.

      Blackwater is a private corporate military force that the Bush Administration has used to outsource some military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; the corporation has earned a questionable reputation throughout the world for the mercenary role it has played in the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The corporation’s army is used extensively to defend American contractors in the war zone and Iraqi and Afghan government officials essential to the U.S. government’s occupation of those nations.

     Blackwater has no responsibility to the United States Army nor to the governments of Iraq or Afghanistan; Blackwater is under contract to the American Government and the American State Department has given Blackwater semi-military employees immunity from prosecution for committing any criminal acts in Iraq or Afghanistan.  There have been a multitude of incidents where Blackwater semi-military employees have been involved in controversial combat activity that resulted in civilian casualties and the incidents were not subjected to any oversight.

     When Blackwater planned to build a tactical training base in Potrero, the people of the community strongly objected and when the objections fell on deaf ears, the people recalled members of the community planning board and replaced them with members who rejected Blackwater’s proposed base.

     San Diego County is recognized as a military community with many military facilities. However, the people of San Diego consider Blackwater’s private army as a ‘foreign’ army and as such it is unwelcome.  One cannot help but draw an analogy to Saudi citizens, like bin Laden, who objected to a foreign sovereignty, America, establishing a military base in their community.  Understand that this does not mean Saudi Terrorists were justified in their 9-11 attack; however it is reasonable and understandable that Saudi people would object and find it offensive a foreign military base in their community.  In America, it is not uncommon for citizens to disapprove of a shopping center in their community.

     Blackwater Worldwide did not accept the rejection of their training base in Potrero, easily.  The corporation fought the community and when they lost, they then applied for a permit to establish their training base in the city of San Diego itself.

     The city fathers of San Diego first approved Blackwater’s proposal and the people of San Diego again expressed their dire disapproval.  When Mayor Sanders found himself seeking reelection, he had the Blackwater permit reconsidered.  Blackwater immediately filed a suit in the Federal Court System claiming that ‘it was entitled to open the training center with its existing permits, that its civil rights to due process had been violated, and that failure to open on time would jeopardize its contract with the Navy’.  The Federal Court found for Blackwater.  The San Diego City Attorney argued that the State’s Courts are the appropriate place to decide issues related to land use.

     Again, there is an analogy to the offensive American military base constructed in Saudi Arabia.  There the King approved of the base despite objections that the base was offensive to the people.  In the case of Blackwater, the Federal Court’s findings simply dismissed the objections of the people of San Diego who found the Blackwater base offensive to their conscience.

     Who would have ever thought that the United States Federal Government would force upon American citizens, a mercenary corporate army base in the midst of their community?

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