Here is the problem with America’s attempt to provide Americans with workable health care insurance, like all other Western civilization have succeeded in doing.

All health insurance is actually socialism, all beneficiaries pay premiums to cover the costs of those few who need the health care, and those who do not get sick are glad to pay the premiums and not be sick and need the health care; Insurance is something you pay for and hope you never need to use.

And, socialism is the only purpose for any government, the purpose is to provide for all the people collectively, those things that the people cannot provide for their self as individuals, like defense, the U.S. Army is a socialistic entity, and highways are a socialistic entity, and public school, police, and fire protection are socialistic like many other necessities of the People.


Now most civilized nations have government provided health care which is another necessity of the People!

The problem arises because the private capitalistic health insurance company is a corporation that is purely “capitalistic” and more interested in “profits” than health care, therefore they don’t want to insure anyone who just might get sick; so they refuse to sell insurance to people who might get sick or have health problems, however, the private health insurers charge premiums based on a population that includes all people, including those who ‘might’ get sick.

Many Americans have wanted to have a national health insurance, just like we have public schools to provide education for all the People, to serve the entire population with health insurance, believing health is as important as education.

It would appear reasonable, the entire population profits from national insurance for all, and not having neighbors who might be ill and infect the entire neighborhood.

The main problem with any health insurance, government or private, is that some health workers like doctors and hospitals, is that some want to cheat the system and profit even more from their cheating.

For example, when Medicare was first enacted, a company moved into my town and advertised free examinations for women “who had health insurance”, including Medicare, whether there was a need for the exam or not!

In America, it is those who profit most from providing health care who oppose regulated universal government health care for all the People; and so the same health care, like a colostomy, costs more in America than in any other nation in the world.

Please note that President Obama won the 2008 election, BECAUSE HE PROMISED NATIONAL HEALTH CARE AND REFORM OF HEALTH CARE; President Obama won reelection in 2012 because for the first time, America provided Affordable National Health Care.

President Obama was elected twice because a majority of Americans want National Health Care for All Americans.

Republicans, who represent private-health care corporations, including doctors, have tried to repeal Obama care many times, and the current Republican President Trump was elected by the Electoral College, and by a MINORITY OF THE POPULAR VOTE OF U.S. VOTERS WHO WANT NATIONAL HEALTH CARE; “THERE IS SOMETHING ROTTEN IN AMERICA”!

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