The one most important aspects of any government, for a citizen to be aware and knowledgeable, is, “What is the purpose for their government?”

If citizens are to be a responsible and knowledgeable citizens, or voters, in the case of a democracy, it is of utmost importance for them to know the “purpose” of their government.

Whether their government is a fascist government, a Communist government, a Nazi, or theocratic government, or a Democratic Republic like the United States of America, the citizens need to know that “the only purpose for any government is exclusively to provide collectively for all citizens, those things that a citizen cannot provide for their self as individuals.”

The only purpose of a government, is easily recognized as, also the definition of socialism.


And a government is basically the establishment of a society of people with similar needs for their government to provide for them.

Consequently, Americans have to admit that their U.S. Army and Navy is a socialistic institution; our public schools are socialistic, the streets and highways we drive on are socialistic, local police and fire departments are socialistic. America’s government is socialistic. How are Americans socialistic, “let me count the ways”?


Further, every single capitalist in America is totally dependent on America’s socialistic government and Constitution.

Capitalism in America is dependent on our Constitution’s Fifth Amendment, the protection of a capitalist’s property, their business, and their profits. Every dollar bill tht our American capitalists make, has written on it, “Federal Reserve Note, as in “federal government“.

Personally, I have studied government for my entire life, and as a “socialistic”, public school teacher, I taught political science in the “socialistic public schools” of America. As a teacher, I was required to teach all about our American democracy, and forbidden to indoctrinate students, except to teach the values of American democracy.

And, remember that there is only one purpose for any government, including the United States of America, and that is all about socialistic entities, beginning with an army, a navy, defense, and including the “governmental” approval of capitalistic business licenses, approving charters for capitalistic corporations, and making laws for the regulating of capitalistic entities in America. And, America is governed by the People.

Understand, that personally, I believe in capitalism as well as socialism; I believe that capitalism is required in any democracy, because only in a “capitalistic society” can a citizen profit from his own creativeness and ingenuity. That includes being able to compete fairly with others and to profit from sales of their products and services.

The American Constitution obviously approves of socialistic entities, and the Constitution also provides in the Fifth Amendment for capitalism; “No person shall be held for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentation or indictment of a Grand Jury . . . nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without compensation.”


Actually, I must admit that it grieves me to see the term “socialism” appear in the prime time news media, TV and newspapers, as a “dirty world”; because I consider socialism to be based primarily on “cooperation” of the People, which I consider to be a positive incentive.

And depending on circumstances, I find capitalism to be based purely on “competition”, which I consider in some circumstances, to be negative motivation for the People.

As a school teacher, I always disapproved of “grades” as an ”incentive” for learning, because it was always totally unfair competition, based on what God’s gift of relative intelligence was, reading skills, memory, eyesight, hearing, etc. I would never put a one legged child into a foot race; and that is how I perceived grades frequently worked.

All men are not created equally, in all respects, except in the U. S. Constitution.

Instead, I personally believed that the only incentive for students studying government and history, should be acquiring their understanding of government and history, necessary and essential for them to have a life of contentment; and the evaluation of their accomplishments should be that they either learned enough or they didn’t.

And our American democracy depends entirely on voters knowing the needs of their government, the needs of the People, and the many faults of fascism.

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