This Country-Boy’s Humble Opinion

     Now let me get this straight.

     Republican voters don’t like Sen. Obama because they don’t like the Christian Church he attends since they found out that he is not a Muslim like they wanted to believe before he was exposed as a long-time member of a Congregational (UCC) Church.

      But then, Republican voters did not want to vote for Obama because they did not know anything about him and they did not know what he stands for; the same Republican voters have never read Sen. Obama’s autobiography or his statement of beliefs, both of which are published and best sellers (“Dreams of My Father” and  “Audacity of Hope”); does this mean that Republican opponents of Obama are illiterate or does it mean that they don’t have a library card or does it mean that Republicans just don’t like Obama because he is a Democrat?.


      Personally, I get the notion that Republicans don’t like Sen. Obama because he is only half White enough to be loved!  That is this Country-Boy’s opinion.  But then, what do I know?

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