Today I watched breaking news of TV, and it was embarrassingly, ridiculous, juvenile, and related to America’s fascist President.

The United States of America, does have a fascist President (Webster Dictionary definition of fascism: “A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race and stands for a centralized autocratic often militaristic government”), America also has a stupid President, Donald Trump.


Like today, “The Donald” totally freaked me out complaining that U.S. Intelligence is investigating members of his Administration, who are “Leakers”, instead of the enemy!

Will one of Trumps lackeys please inform him that U.S. Intelligence ONLY investigates the enemy, but if the enemy is communicating with members of his administration, or members of his administration communicates with the enemy, U.S. Intelligence will also get information about members of his administration cooperating with the enemy, as well as the enemy.

Holy Crap!

It is up to Republicans to rid America of this fascist President, because he is Republican, just as Republicans rid America of the criminal President Nixon; Trump is far more dangerous than Nixon. And, the Republicans should have the cooperation of Democrats, because Democrats share the responsibility for Trump, because they nominated a candidate to oppose Trump, who had the worse “Favorability Factor” of any Democratic candidate in history. Bad thing to do!

And please, please, please, Republicans, rid us of Trump before he starts a war, to rally the People around him, like Hitler did when he invaded Poland in 1939, and minority-elected President W. Bush did in 2001, when he invaded Afghanistan, who had absolutely nothing to do with Saudi Arabian bin Laden’s 9/11 terrorists attack.

President Trump is already proposing the U.S.A. invade Iran, Mexico, and Chicago!

So Republicans, it is up to you to rid America of this fascist Republican President, and up to the stupid Democrats who also share responsibility, to provide you with all the help you need!

And don’t depend on Republican Speaker Ryan, who today was telling people about the “Export Tax” America charges American businesses when they export goods outside America; please, someone inform stupid Republican Speaker Ryan that America does not charge an “Export Tax”, and the tax charged American Companies who export goods, is called “Income Tax” on income earned from exporting good to other countries. We all pay income tax.

It is becoming apparent that political stupidity in regard to current breaking news, is contagious and is not limited to Republicans; however, it is up to the Republicans to impeach President Trump.

You Republicans impeached President Clinton for accepting a blow-job from an intern, you could at least impeach Trump for grabbing all women by their “pussy”! Even though, neither “blow-job, nor “pussy” is mentioned as an impeachable crime in the U.S. Constitution; I checked it out!

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