Yesterday, an American Army Sergeant in Afghanistan went berserk going house to house killing 16 Afghan civilians, mostly women and children.

“The slayings, the worst atrocity committed by U.S. forces during the Afghan war. . .”

Huffington Post, “U.S. Soldier Opens Fire On Civilians In Afghanistan”, 3/11/12

It was not the worse atrocity of the Afghan war; what was much worse was the American B-52 “Carpet Bombing” (American’s own words) of Afghanistan in 2001, using incendiary bombs and “cluster” anti-personnel bombs which prompted VP Cheney to admit there were no military targets in already war-torn an devastated Afghanistan and it was a “waste” of bombs.

The Afghan War itself was an atrocity; an atrocity likened to bin Laden’s.

Atrocities in Afghanistan cannot be blamed on American troops; American troops have no choice in what wars they fight or who they kill. Soldiers follow orders of their Commander-in-Chief; “the buck stops there”.

President Obama has assumed that responsibility; he immediately made apologies to Afghanistan, the Afghan people, and the survivors of the victims of the most recent atrocity of war.  How empty an apology for an atrocity seems.  How lame the President must feel; how lame we Americans must feel.

WE NOW KNOW it was not necessary to invade Afghanistan; bin Laden wasn’t there, neither was bin Laden the responsibility of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan, nor was Iraq’s Saddam responsible for 911, nor did Saddam have weapons-of-mass-destruction that was an imminent threat to America.  The  Iraq war is yet another American atrocity.

Every American soldier must pledge to obey their Commander-in-Chief

Soldiers are specifically trained to be professional killers; it’s a necessity for national defense.
Killing is not what American soldiers would choose to do and their proficiency at killing other human beings takes a toll, innocently called PTS or “Post Trauma Stress”. PTS is epidemic among combat veterans.
PTS is no excuse for committing atrocities, it’s simply a cause of atrocity and there’s no cure for PTS.
When American combat war veterans morph into monsters, who is to blame?  Explain it to Afghans.

Without a doubt, America’s war-hawk politicians need to explain America’s Wars of the 21st Century and the atrocities thereof.

Americans individually have a responsibility, too; they need to write and inform their President and their Legislators and tell them that they want America out of Afghanistan and Iraq, NOW!  Stop the atrocities.

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