Questions for the Candidates: Sen. McCain

        Senator McCain, sir, if you are elected President of the United States, once you are elected do you intend to use the ‘Presidential Pardon Clause’ of the Constitution to pardon George W. Bush of any and all crimes that he ‘might have committed’ relative to violations of the Constitution, violations of International Law, and War Crimes committed, in the same manner that President Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon of any crimes he ‘might have’ committed relative to Watergate and in the same manner that President George H. W. Bush pardoned all of the convicted witnesses to any of President Ronald Reagan’s participation in the Iran/Contra Scandal?

     A second related question, if you will Senator, if you do intend to pardon President George W. Bush of all crimes he ‘might have’ committed while he was President, can you speculate as to when subsequent Republican Presidents will cease to deny the American People justice in the prosecution of their criminal Republican Presidents?


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