Today, I’m reading about the Presidential election and the apparent, current American rejection of democracy, equality, fraternity, and liberty, in exchange for the worship of “Capitalism American Style”, a preverted concept of simple capitalism, where a man is allowed to profit from his own ingenuity and creativeness.

The American “style of capitalism” has nothing to do with a person simply profiting from his own ingenuity and creativeness, which is a more traditional concept of “capitalism”.

Instead, the American version of “capitalism” is to screw the consumer, which is “everyman”, totally eliminate all competition, form corporations and corporate conglomerates to obliterate all competition. This is strictly an American invention and concept (and I purport to be a bad concept).

Further, the American concept of “capitalism” is to develop the cheapest possible product or service, and eliminate all competition providing “quality” products or services. This is in difference to foreign concepts of capitalism, which is to develop “high quality” products and compete with competitors selling “cheap” and inferior products.


There is a great difference in comparing American capitalism with capitalistic endeavor in other societies.

America is a rather isolated society geographically, though wealthy based on availability of natural resources and quality of its social and economic development.

However, America has in recent years, developed in a bubble; the rise of wealth and corporate conglomerates since the days of a social and economic democracy of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and the decline of social benefits and rise of the power of wealth espoused by Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, and the elimination of governmental regulation of the economy.

American has changed, and a prime factor in America’s becoming a plutocratic oligarch has been the absolute control of all news and information by the prime time American news media, which is owned, operated, controlled, and edited (censored) by its corporate owners; the wealthy corporate conglomerate owners of all of the news media are few, and are not dependent upon their customers for profits, so they do not serve their customers. Instead the News Media mammoths serve their advertisers. The profits of the corporate conglomerate owner of basically all of America’s news media, newspapers and television, are derived from the news media’s corporate America advertising; America’s news media owes allegiance only to their corporate advertisers.

American twenty dollar, Andrew Jackson

American twenty dollar, Andrew Jackson

Therefore, the only news that the American public get is the news that Corporate America want them to get; this can be easily verified if a person evaluates the news they get. The news is obviously biased!

And there is more. When the U.S. Constitution was written, the only news media was local village newspapers; the invention of the printing press was relatively new. Every village newspaper was owned by one man, who was in the business of writing the news, printing the news, and selling the news to local customers who wanted to be informed.

If and when there is competition in the ordinary news business, the newspapers competed to see who was first with the news and who was most accurate and reliable with the news. This news still exists in other parts of the world, but not in America where a publisher profits not from the news, but instead from their advertising.

Today, there is very little competition in news media; the competition that exists is, who can acquire the most advertising, get a monopoly on the advertising, and who can get the most subscriptions that will attract the most business, of the advertisers.

The customers, the readers of newspapers and listeners of radio and television, are simply not a factor is reliability, honesty, truth, or integrity of the news; today’s national and world news is a propaganda device of Corporate America (and America’s “democratic” government that is dependent upon the money of corporate American donors, including the news media, to get elected, based more recently on the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United”)

Now, getting back to the “news media” when the Constitution was written, which was village newspapers, owned, operated, and distributed by one owner resident of the village; the writers of the Constitution wanted to protect owners of newspaper (the press) from political violence, in order to report the news truthfully and honestly, and they included in the First Amendment, the Free Speech Amendment, four words, “and of the Press”.

Most Americans believe accurately that the writers of the Constitution tried to provide out new nation with truth, and accuracy, in news reporting, and certainly not propaganda; if our Constitutional forefathers were with us today, they would be appalled at the Corporate American mains stream news media using freedom of the press to lie, cheat, and misrepresent the news, making the news media a propaganda machine to indoctrinate American People politically and in economically. American unfortunately have very little, “other choice for news”.

The American people are not ignorant; however, they can be rendered ignorant by the Corporate American news media who operates without any limits; a famous news reported once said, we reporters report the news honestly and accurately, however, our reporting is edited and an entirely different version is published.

In 2010, when the five extremist, Republican appointed U.S. Supreme Court justices, made all of our laws that were passed by bipartisan Congressmen, limiting the amount of money any source could contribute to a political cause to be unconstitutional, they opened the floodgates for wealthy Americans to “buy” elections and destroy our democratic government and replace it with a plutocratic oligarchy (government by a few wealthy, elite citizens).

Beginning in 2010, the wealthy Corporate Conglomerates have been able to “buy” political candidates, and elections; first, the wealthy bought municipal and State politicians, and the State politicians Gerrymandered the Congressional district of their State, which resulted in minorities taking control of Congress, which had made new record lows in legislative efforts to provide for the People and have actually once, “shut down American Federal Government” at great cost to the People.

America’s current 2016 Presidential primary elections, chose 2 final candidates with record low popularity ratings by the People; America’s Presidential candidates have record low popularity ratings by the citizens. The purpose of this treatise of mine, is my effort to explain some reasons why?

Let me explain and I assure you that I am not a renowned expert in anything; I am an overeducated retired school teacher, who had the experience of living in Europe for five years (2000-2005) and seeing America from the outside looking in. What I saw alarmed me.

From my vantage point in Europe, I experienced entirely different world news that the rest of the world was getting, compared to distorted and bias news I saw by electronic technology that Americans were getting from their Corporate American news media; Americans were being indoctrinated by corporate American propaganda “for the benefit of Corporate America”. Often, the European TV news casters would show videos related to the American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, with a disclaimer that “These videos will not be shown on American TV”!

Attitudes in Europe about Americans and America changed very quickly after the corrupted Florida Presidential elections in 2000 and heinous bin Laden attack in 2001 and the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq; the attitude of Europeans toward Americans, like me, also changed drastically.

Europeans were disappointed that Americans did not start a revolution over the 2000 corrupted Florida election and could not understand why the American People did not revolt; and as a teacher, I was fascinated by the fact the Europeans were more knowledgeable about America’s Electoral College for choosing a President, than Americans are.

Then, Europeans were exceedingly compassionate toward Americans when the terrorist bin Laden attaced on 9/11; they collected and offered aid to America and were disappointed when their aid was turned down.

In 2001, the Europeans did not understand the American invasion and bombing of Afghanistan, who had nothing to do with the Saudi Arabian terrorist bin Laden’s heinous attack on 9/11. Afghanistan was still devastated by Russian occupation. And European TV was filled with videos of more than one hundred thousand of innocent Afghan children, mothers, and fathers being killed and maimed by American “Carpet Bombing” of Afghanistan, where there were no military targets; the TV announcers always gave a disclaimer, “These videos will not be shown on American television”!

Then when America invaded Iraq in 2003, European nations opposed it and refused to join America’s invasion, except for Great Britain who had economic interests in Iraq’s oil.

This was about the time that the U.S. State Department advised Americans living in Europe like me, to not appear to be American, for self-protection, and I personally, felt the decline in popularity.

The United States State Department issued warning to those of us living abroad as I was, to not appear American in public, we were told not to wear “cowboy” boots in Europe and not to speak English loudly in crowded places.

And I was amazed at how differently American news media reported the news, from European news reports. For the first time in my life, I felt uncomfortable living or just being in Europe. And, I returned to American in 2005 with an entirely different view of America than most.

Personally since 2005, I have been severely castigated for my questioning of American News Media honesty and bias, political dishonesty, and illegal Constitutional behavior. However, during this 2016 Presidential Election, I’ve discovered that many other Americans are disillusioned, dissatisfied, questioning American news media, American political behavior, and the basic honesty of their own People’s government.

Today I felt compelled to write this treatise on my concept of America’s social, economic, and political society and government.

It is my opinion, based on my education and experience living outside of American and looking in from outside America. I insist on arriving at my own conclusions; and I believe that you should too.

Take this in with a grain of salt, and if this treatise is helpful in any way, it has accomplished its purpose. Enjoy a nice day, and vote on elections day. Only we the People can make a difference.

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