Why I Will Vote For Obama; Why Won’t Everyone?

     Frankly, I was stunned when someone asked me why I was voting for Barack Obama for President.  It went to my head and so I decided to share my feelings with the world by writing here.


     The original inquiry suggested that Obama would have a ‘bumpy road’ ahead and I answered: about Obama and I having a bumpy road ahead, I have no illusions, in fact I would be surprised to see Obama win.  Obama is a “Sermon on the Mount” Christian and a politician; he desires to bring Americans together and the nations of the world together and rid America of the hate and antagonism policy of the last seven years and to do that, he has to win an election in America to succeed.  Impossible!!!!! 


     My concern about all the candidates is the reason why they are running and how they run.  Clinton, like her husband, believe they have to be as much like Bush as possible to win the election because they think that is what voters want (since Bush won twice).  They claim that they are ‘Centrists’, leaning toward Bush because that is what wins votes.  Clinton is therefore Bush Lite.  Hillary is obviously running for her ego and looks at me as just another vote for her or against her.  She would to anything to get elected and has.  If the voters want a war hero, she will make up a story about dodging bullets in Bosnia.  Rationale?  People will only remember her and Chelsea dodging bullets and not the fact that it is all a lie, she simply misspoke.


       Why in the world Obama even want to run for the Presidency and why would he want to take on that thankless job?  He says that his only purpose in running for President is to bring Americans together, restore the Constitution, and eliminate the war and hatred that has filled America for the last seven years.  To me, Obama is the reluctant candidate.  I look at the man, his wife, his kids, his life and he convinced me that he wished that someone would ‘take the cup from him’.  That is what I read that into his speeches (my bias).




     And, on television I have seen Obama sitting in a restaurant eating chicken wings with a bunch of ordinary people, saying, “Hey, anyone want a chicken wing?” instead of “vote for me”, and I say, ‘that could be an old buddy of mine in Gabby’s Restaurant in Decatur, Illinois’. Obama does not sound elitist at all to me; rather, he is one of us.  He graduated from Harvard Law School and could work wherever he wanted and he chooses to works with unemployed steel workers–why?



     I hear his wife complain that she doesn’t want him to run and campaign and be away from her and the kids, but she realizes she must support his quest.  I feel for her and fear for her because I remember the assassination of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy and I fear for Obama too.  I am sure Obama and Michelle are well aware of history.  To American Neocon terrorists, Obama is the ‘brazen nigger who would dare to become President of the United States,” and Obama knows that he has American, terrorist enemies.  I have lived in the midst of this kind of hatred and fear around me all of my life and I would do anything to eliminate it, including supporting and voting for Obama.



      I look at what my beloved nation has become under George Bush and the hatred he has generated for men, women and children of the Muslim faith and all those, including myself, who oppose his war and Obama is the only ‘life preserver’ available for me.



      I look at Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright, and I see the Black Community of the 1960’s and when Wright says “Goddamn the America that persecutes my Black brothers”, I agree with Wright.  One reason that I agree with Wright is because I am White and I was in the Air Force on the very the day that President Truman integrated the Armed Forces and it was as emotional a day for me as Pearl Harbor.  What does skin color have to do with my good Afro soldier comrade having a cup of coffee with me in the Post Exchange?  Then, after integration of the Air Force, my good Afro friend still refuses my offer of coffee, because our being seen together might offend a racist U.S. Air Force Post Exchange Officer, who has sworn to defend the Constitution.



     On television, I see Obama painfully having to apologize for his friend and pastor for telling his Afro flock that God should damn racist American government for persecuting his Black people, just as God damned Egypt for persecuting God’s Jewish children and I feel for Obama and his pain.  I can only admire him for saying that he denounces those harsh words by Wright, because they offend racist Americans, but he does not denounce his faithful pastor who speaks of a world that White racist America does not care to know.  To me, Obama shows that he loves God, he loves his enemies, and he loves his neighbors; it was an emotional moment for me.



      Of course, I am always asked if I totally ignore the racism on the part of Black American voters who vote for Obama only because he is Black.  Would you also like to know ‘when I stopped beating my wife?’  Actually, if I were Black I think that I might vote for Obama even if he were White.  Really, who else would any intelligent Afro voter vote for?



      Certainly though, I am well aware of Afro American racism and bigotry and consider it a human fault, not unlike White racism and bigotry.  I have worked in the Afro Community for a good part of my career and discovered that the Afro American sub-culture is decidedly different from the White sub-culture but God’s people are the same and unfortunately the same when it comes to human faults like racism and bigotry.  In my work, education, Black racism was a problem to overcome and worked to my disadvantage on many occasions.  Because I am White, I found it necessary to recognize Afro racism and bigotry and work around it.  To succeed in this life as an American, you have to forgive Black racism as well as White racism.  A rose is a rose is a tulip! 



     Some have the audacity to ask if I support Obama only because he is ‘Black’?  I forgive them!  Actually, I would not only vote for Obama if he was White, I sincerely earnestly wished at times that he was White because his chances of fulfilling his prophecy would be more ‘electable’.  The truth is that he is half White, or half Black depending on the person looking at him.  Likewise, the glass is half empty or half full. As an American, I would be most proud of Obama as an Afro President of the United States; I believe it would be a sign of progress in America



     However, as a matter of fact, I supported John Edwards for President, originally, because I thought that his message was similar to Obama’s and being White would make Edwards more ‘electable’.  In retrospect, I say, “Goddamn that kind of America that would cause me to vote for a White candidate because he is White and has a better chance of getting elected than the Black candidate I would prefer to be my President.”

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