So, today was the first Presidential debate of 2016; I really didn’t want to watch it but I had to because I wanted to write this review. And why, you ask?

Well, personally, I do not believe that either candidate is suitable to be my President, and I want to express my reasons why?


Therefore, I will say right off the top, the winner of the debate was the moderator who picked the topics; and the moderator was of the American prime time news media who are all biased and opinionated.

And I have to say that I believe the prime time news media to be totally opinionated and not in the least actually very understanding of issues and what is most important to voters; and after the debates were over and the news commentators expressed their opinion, they reacted just as I would have them expect to react.

My own opinion was that Donald Trump was much better than I expected, and Hillary was spared embarrassment where she was most vulnerable, so my evaluation was that the winner of the debate, was the moderator who chose the issues for debate.

Therefore, it was my opinion that the debate did not change anyone’s mind; we will see what the polls report later. The debate proved nothing!

In the aftermath, I watched MSNBC, which was previously more Democratic liberal oriented, but not anymore, since NBC was bought out by Comcast and got rid of Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz; now MSNBC is more conservative, even though in a Democratic sense. MSNBC obviously supports Hillary Clinton.

I also watched Fox News, which is to the right of Otilla the Hun! Fox News, of course, supports Donald Trump.

Also, I watched CNN, who tries to not favor either candidate. In reality, all news sources are owned, operated, and edited (censored) and favored Republican candidates but in the case of 2016, appear to support Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, because she is the candidate they currently monetarily support, because Hillary is basically a Republican Lite Candidate who favors corporate America’s benefit.

That said, I found the debate interesting. The first issue was American jobs lost because of Trade Agreements, which wealth and corporations approve, because they moved their companies to foreign countries with cheap labor and don’t pay American income tax.

And the worse (best) example is the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which caused many, many American companies (and jobs) to move to Mexico to produce goods then sent products and services, without tariff, to American customers. NAFTA was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, who happens to be Hillary’s husband.

Trump opposes NAFTA unlike most Republicans, and made points with American workers and Labor; this is unprecedented since most Republican candidates would be for NAFTA and Democratic candidates would oppose NAFTA for the sake of Labor.

My opinion is that Trump won working Americans on NAFTA and they don’t care about the rest of the debate.

Hillary won on the issue of Women’s Rights; it is difficult for Trump to win on woman’s Rights because he is totally crude in his experiences with women and feminine issues.

Of course, I am a feminist, but in this case I could only hope that Hillary would have worn a dress, instead of pants, and would have appeared to have more feminine appeal; I see nothing wrong with feminine appeal, personally, and think Hillary is actually an attractive female would win more male votes by dressing, “talking”, and “behaving more feminine”, like Sen. Liz Warren.

Trump is at a disadvantage when it comes to women’s place in the world.

As for me and I think like many other men, feminism is not a real Presidential issue because gender is simply not a good issue to use for approving a Presidential candidate. In reality, my feeling is that if Sen. Liz Warren was running for President, she would win hands down on political issues, to “any Republican male candidate”. Hillary may have a problem in November.

Then the candidates were required to debate the “birther issue”; personally, I do not even consider it an issue in 2016, and believe it was wrong (stupid) to make it an issue. This is an issue Hillary had trouble dealing with, because in 2008, Hillary ran a very bitter, even dirty campaign against President Obama; she lost the primary to Obama, and now Hillary is making the most of Obama’s endorsement of her.

Instead of making Hillary’s bitter campaign against Obama an issue, Trump stupidly tried to say Hillary started the birther issue, and Hillary denied it. Who really cares? Hillary accused Obama of much worse in 2008, but Trump just wasn’t prepared to challenge Hillary on other issues.

So, Trump got sucked in and did not take advantage of Hillary’s campaign against Obama, and got sucked into the “birther” issue instead. Actually, most working voters could care less about the birther issue. In fact, most voters are concerned only about their jobs and/or employment.

Finally, I thought the moderator won the debate. In finality, I disagreed with all the news commentators and politicians. Who is right? America will find out when the votes are counted. My concept is the voters will lose the election; the winners will be corporate America who finances both candidates.

As for Fact-checking the first Trump, Clinton presidential debate, I simply wonder what fact checkers consider truth; truth depends on the fact finders philosophical concept of truth and that is debatable.

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