Today I am reading news about Hillary possibly becoming America’s First Female President, gender equality, and democratic Rights for women in a democracy.


Actually, I was inspired to write this by a response to statement supporting gender equality; “Someday soon, I hope many will get over being intimidated by a strong woman.” I agree.

Men will always be intimidated by women who are stronger than they are; even women are intimidated by women who are stronger than they are, and men are intimidated by men who are stronger than they are, in fact “intimidation” is defined by superior strength and a contest, like an election, is purportedly decided by superior strength, though that is debatable.

However, equality of women in a democracy is an entirely different thing; equality of women and men in a democratic society in regard to respect, consideration, and opportunity, comes also with equality of “responsibility”.

The lack of equality for women is not a kind of handicap that permits women privilege to park in a “handicapped” parking space. However, the inequality of women does ultimately provide the female privilege as “the weaker sex to be protected”.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has accepted the responsibility for equality and succeeded is winning gender equality; Nancy Pelosi is one of my heroines, in taking the full responsibility for being the first ever woman, Speaker of the House, because she was stronger than her male competition. God bless Speaker Pelosi.

However, to speak of gender equality requires everyone of both gender, understand gender differences, and make provision for those differences equitably.


Both gender must realize that when the female of the species is not treated equitably, the male of the species also is treated inequitably, in the same breath; that is a proven. Gender inequality is NOT A ONE WAY STREET. Men who support gender equality have good reason; the female is definitely not the “weaker sex” deserving of privilege. Lady Justice is a female with a scale and a sword.

The female of the species needs to understand that equality is not a privilege; gender equality is a responsibility of women as well as men. And God bless women and men for the difference in gender.

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