Today, I am reading, “California Bans Orca Captivity and Breeding”: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/orca-captivity-ban-california-seaworld_us_57d8c35de4b09d7a68808c30?section=&


Now I have lived on the planet earth for almost a century, and you never know how long you will live, because at birth, it is inevitable that you will die and there is not a damn thing you can do to prevent it. Therefore I have never sweat dying because I can’t prevent it, but I can do my utmost best to live a life of contentment, or happiness if you prefer; I have basically succeeded and have no regrets.

Therefore, I do resent anything that wastes valuable minutes and seconds of my happy life, things that detract from my otherwise happy contented life, things like especially TV commercials and other devastating methods of inflicting American capitalistic torture and mayhem on their customers.

Especially, I resent horrid TV commercials, that wastes a third of my otherwise contented life for every 30 minute of a TV program on advertising and commercials; like when I watch my favorite sitcom, “The Big Band Theory”, and TV forces me to instead waste my time watching and observing on my personal TV screen, human suffering from the malady and ugliness of “Toe Fungus” in living color! There should be a law against American capitalistic advertising.


Instead, today I read about a new law in California banning Orca captivity and breeding.

I read this story on my computer, which allows me to post my response to that news item; the story caught me at a bad moment, I presume, and I felt obligated to respond to the story. I hysterically posted four responses in my concern:

Response 1: Insanity exists right here in River City!

Response 2: California bans Orca captivity and breeding; however, there are no laws preventing Orcas from breeding with humans, capturing humans, eating humans, subjugating humans and this is totally unfair to human beings.

Response 3: California bans Orca breeding; I can honestly say that I have never impregnated an Orca in my entire life; I am innocent!

Response 4: The great United States of America, has become the great United Ignorant Nitwits; If Orcas are prohibited to be “kept in captivity” because it is unnatural, then dogs and cats should be prohibited from being kept in captivity, because they held in captivity as dependent and subservient to humanity; dogs and cats should be returned to their natural habitat.

And it should be illegal to eat vegetables, kill vegetables, and burn vegetables in ovens built for that sordid purpose.

God created man; what hath God wrought!

End of posts.

Needless to say, I feel much better for posting my reaction to California’s new law of the land.

And, I do hope the Orcas find contentment in eating penguins and seals in their freedom; I cannot speak for the penguins and seals.

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