Today, I read, “U.S., Russia Reach Deal on Syria Ceasefire”:

Both Presidential candidates’ rhetoric, Hillary’s and Trump’s, regarding Russia has been deplorable and not at all in the interests of the United States of America; basically it is BS. The future of America is bound to suffer. Americans have no decent viable Presidential Candidate to vote for. 2016 is disaster time!

Russia is our neighbor “who Sarah Palin can see from her kitchen window” regardless of American opinion of Russia’s leader; I might add, America’s Presidential candidates for 2016, in comparison, are not all that great to me and to many other voters like me who opposed the candidacy of both Trump and Hillary.


President Obama and Sec. Kerry have worked diligently to resolve the problem of Iraq and Syria, despite America’s war hawk Presidential candidates Hillary and Trump; both Hillary and Trump scare the hell out of me AND THE REST OF THE WORLD.

Unfortunately too many American voters take the attitude, “I don’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks or does; these Americans also scare the hell out of me. To me, WORLD PEACE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE AMERICA EVER, EVER FACES.

And personally, I have appreciated President Obama’s constant effort to establish World Peace and my number one disapproval of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, is that she made not one major personal effort to establish world peace and I have always opposed her based on her vote in 2002 as a Senator, with Republicans, FOR W. Bush’s Iraq Invasion Resolution! I can forgive but not forget the anguish the Iraq War cause the world, and me, when I have to vote for the best to be my President!

As for Donald Trump, he is a idiotic nit wit who would, as President, “nuke” any nation that disagrees with America’s aggressive wars for the benefit of Corporate America.

America desperately needs a friendly working relationship with Russia on foreign issues despite disagreement with Russia in Russia’s behavior in Russia’s own area of influence, the Ukraine.

Also, I disagree with the Constitution’s undemocratic 22nd Amendment which deprives me of voting for my personal best choice of President, whom would in 2016 would be President Obama for a third term, instead of either Trump or Hillary. My first choice, of course, would have been Bernie Sanders, who was defeated by the corrupt Democratic Party DNC who ‘selected’ Hillary who was the 2008 loser to President Obama. The DNC undermined Bernie’s candidacy despite his choice by millions of Democratic voters.

I mourn for America and the future of my children and my grandchildren; they are already suffering anguish from America’s wars of aggression for the benefit of corporate America.

God help and forgive America!

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