America’s Road to Hell Defined in Childish Gibberish!

     Today, for the umpteenth time, I received a ridiculous email blaming the pitiful state of the American democratic Republic on the highest 545 elected and appointed Federal Government Officials.  It is a disgusting simplistic approach to the serious matter of Americans responsibility to their nation.

     Basically, it sounds reasonable to hold the 545 elected officials of the US responsible for the plight of our American democratic Republic; however, that concept does not do justice to some courageous elected individuals who find themselves in the minority.  Though these heroes of the minority are helpless to stop immoral brutal wars, like Iraq, promulgated by a majority serving their self interests, these stalwarts of the minority do not resign and run but instead become the conscience of the nations denouncing the disastrous acts of the majority.

     The reality is that the people apparently get what they deserve, since they elected the bastards.  However, we currently suffer from a sadistic arrogant President that the people actually voted against in 2000, when the Supreme Court, who are not elected by the people, threw out the vote and declared the loser the prize, the Presidency of the United States.  At the time, cowardly people in authority accepted the undemocratic pronouncement of an illegitimate President, because they feared rebellion by the common voters; shame on that leadership, America now realizes that revolution was exactly what the nation required at that time.  A revolution would have saved the lives of 4,000 brave soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women, and children.

     Certainly, the reelection of the Marquee de Bush is also questionable, since the American electorate was casting their votes on Diebold voting machines, produced by adherents of the incumbent President Bush to, in the word of the Diebold Corporation Chief Executive Officer, “deliver the Ohio election for President Bush.”

     It is a child’s game to try to blame the 545 or the American people who cast votes for them; it is a game for Americans to use to try to hold themselves blameless.  When Thoreau was asked why he was in jail for protesting what he considered immoral government, he answered the question of responsibility by saying, “Why aren’t you here with me?”  Indeed!  In the Civil Rights rebellion, Martin Luther King answered those who questioned his protest and incarceration with Thoreau’s same words.   These are hero American patriots.

     Protesters are NOT unpatriotic despite the Bush Administration insistence that they are; quite the opposite; we have come a long way from referring to those revolutionaries who founded this American democratic Republic, as “patriots”, have we not!

     We can sleep with a clear conscience if we revolt and protest the immorality of our governance; however, if we don’t watch the news because it makes us feel bad, if we turn off the TV when the President is speaking because he upsets us, then it is possible that we need to question our conscience and our patriotism.

      In retrospect, if we condemn a Presidential candidate for mere association with a revolutionary who violently opposed that immoral debacle of the Vietnam War so many years ago, we may want to reconsider our own judgment.  It is quite ironic that the other Presidential candidate who suffered intolerable imprisonment during the Vietnam conflict would condemn the Presidential candidate who has a mere association with an American revolutionary who risked his all to protest that same unjustified and immoral Vietnam War responsible for the candidate’s misery.      There is in reality, more to being an American patriot than wearing a flag pin in your lapel or casting your vote in a questionable democratic election.  About one third of the registered American voters do not cast a ballot on Election Day, when they have the clear option of writing in the candidate of their choice, even it is their own name or a choice of Mickey Mouse.  Pity!      Instead of placing blame on some one else, if an America has any love at all for the American democratic Republic, they have the moral obligation to act.  If the democratic mechanism is broken, fix it.  If protest and revolution is required, “let it begin with me!” 

     “Power to the people!”

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