If the Republicans want to trash Obama, they should be specific instead of just calling my President names. Mitt Romney is just like all the other Republican candidates, if you put all of them into paper bags, none of them could find their way out.

The Republican Party has become pathetic, they cannot find a candidate that is not negative; the GOP has nothing positive to offer.

America doesn’t need or deserve more negativism. America today is in limbo; the minority Republicans filibuster everything the President tries to do including his appointments.  Yet, they Republicans have nothing to offer but tax cuts for the wealthy.

Republicans offer nothing and oppose everything. America the beautiful has become America the garbage can.

Elections are not democratic anymore, they are purchased with mystic money from sources that are never revealed due to the Supreme Court’s “Citizen United” decisio.  Americans no longer enjoy the power of the ballot; elections are bought and sold, regardless of the issues and unemployment, the high cost of living, and inequitable income distributions.  American democracy is dead!

America is rapidly becoming a John Birch Society dominated Republican Third World Nation!

God have mercy upon America.

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