Today I am reading and encouraged this morning by this news, “CIA veteran expected to announce challenge to Trump” Jesse Byrnes: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/cia-veteran-expected-to-announce-challenge-to-trump/ar-BBvnVNJ?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp

Because I am a natural born American with friends and family that are of the Muslim faith, whom I love and cherish, I detest American extremist Christians and their followers who spread hatred of any Muslim mothers, fathers, and children because they are Muslim and not Christian; these extremist Christians are no different from extremist Muslims who become terrorists like bin Laden, and wreak havoc on 9/11 because Christians have defiled their Muslim Holy shrines in Saudi Arabia.

PICTURE ABOVE: painting depicting Yahweh, God of Jews, Christians, and Muslims and who initiated the ‘Golden Rule’ of all three religions, “Do unto others what you would have done unto you!”

You see, mothers, fathers, and children are what ordinary Muslims truly are; Muslims are mostly human beings that love me whether or not I am a Muslim, Christian, or Atheist; and I love them whether or not they are Muslim.

So, here is this morning’s news that encourages me:

“Evan McMullin, a Central Intelligence Agency veteran and chief policy director of the House Republican conference, is expected to announce an independent presidential bid on Monday, according to multiplereports.

“McMullin is expected to announce his candidacy as an alternative to Donald Trump, the Republican nominee who has remained a divisive figure in the party. . . .

“As Donald Trump continues attacking Muslims and as a former CIA officer, I’d like all Americans to know the truth: American and other Muslims have played a central role in virtually every counterterrorism win we’ve had since 9/11,” McMullin wrote on Facebook last week.

“They are an indispensable asset in this fight. Attacking them as a group makes America weaker, not stronger,” he added.

“McMullin has indicated he has long been opposed to Trump’s campaign and referred to Trump in late July as an “authoritarian.”

God bless America and our Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and whatever religion brothers and sisters!

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