Today, I am contemplating the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Nominating Convention, which actually begins tomorrow; the Republican Convention last week is mercifully over. In my lifetime, I’ve seen quite a few political Conventions, but 2016 has been unmerciful for me, in its entirety.

In an American democratic Presidential election, a Presidential candidate is normally chosen when a majority of delegates vote for their candidate on the floor of the Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention held for that purpose, and a winner is declared; and then, a Vice Presidential candidate is chosen by the delegates of their Party’s convention. This is not the law but it is what American Presidential elections more or less require because of the American Constitution provision for election of President and Vice president by an “Electoral College”.


The 2016 Democratic Party Nominating Convention has not yet started but the “presumed” Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, has already chosen her “presumed” Vice President candidate; so today, there is no anticipation whatsoever of whom the Democratic Party presidential candidate will be or who the Vice Presidential candidate will be; the presumed Presidential candidate has thus spoken. The Democratic Convention is presumably, already over, but the convention has not yet started. Note: this is the first Presidential campaigns for me that involved anything or everything “presumable”.

Holy crap, you can accurately presume that I am thus thoroughly and presumably disgusted with America, its presumed politics, its presumed candidates, and its presumed political agendas, all of whom are bought and paid for by wealthy corporations by virtue of “Citizens United”; I have given up on America’s “presumed” Constitution which presumably violates conscience and ignores the needs of the People.

So, tomorrow the actual Democratic Party Presidential Nomination begins.

But actually, the presumed democratic “almost” candidate of 2008, Hillary Clinton, has been “presumed” ever since 2008, and her only actual viable opponent to show up, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has been considered by the DC Democratic Establishment, Hillary, the DNC, and Corporate America’s main-stream news media to be a non-candidate publicly referred to by all of the above as presumably, “not even a Democrat”, “actually a Communist”, and “a candidate that no American in their right mind should ever vote for in November or in the primary”; Sen. Bernie Sanders was not even considered a “presumable”, Democratic, opponent!


However, there are real People who vote primarily Democratic, who are the liberal progressive working Middle Class and Poor, who chose Barack Obama to be their President in 2008 and 2012, and had really not decided who their candidate should be in 2016.

But the Democratic voters, were not considered worthy of making decision in 2016 by the Democratic DC Establishment, the DNC, and loser of the primary in 2008, Hillary Clinton; and, they concluded Hillary Clinton, the wife of a former President, a New York elected hawkish Senator ( who voted with Republicans for W. Bush’s Invasion of Iraq Resolution in 2002, and a person who served as President Obama’s Secretary of State for four years without resolving a single peace issues in the Mideast or the world though those wars were considered over, and would be, and is, the “presumed Democratic candidate for President in 2016” primarily because she was, a female. Being a female appears to positively identify Mrs. Clinton, as the only female candidate equipped to be the “presumable” Democratic candidate for President.

Members of the Democratic Party used to look with excitement about who the Democratic Convention delegates would be, who they would choose to be the Presidential candidate, and then after the candidate would be chosen, who the Democratic nominee would choose to be her/his Vice President.

This year, 2016, Hillary Clinton has been the “presumed” candidate for eight years, since 2008, and yesterday, “presumed” Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton actually announced, who her actual, presumed Vice President candidate will be in the November election, and the 2016 Democratic Convention has not even started yet; it would appear that the Democratic Party Presidential Convention is totally anti-climactic and unneeded, and essentially does not need to even meet.

This certainly came as a surprise to me and other liberal progressive working Middle Class and Poor voters, who supported and voted for the little old Jewish Democratic Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, who won millions of votes by Democrats in the primary, and won a majority of votes against Sec. Clinton, in ten States, and came close to winning a majority in States he lost, and has 1,400 pledged delegates voting in the Convention, and we were looking forward to an honest and clean fought Democratic Presidential Nomination Convention.

Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about the Workplace Democracy Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on October 6, 2015.     AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about the Workplace Democracy Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on October 6, 2015. AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Two thousand sixteen has been an extraordinary election year for both parties; in the case of both parties, it appeared there was evidence that the corrupted “establishment leadership” of both parties sought to “rig“, their Party’s primary elections and conventions to exclude the candidates that they, the leadership, opposed.

The only current question about the primary selection process in 2016, appears to be, will there be any surprises in the Democratic Convention which begins tomorrow.

Both parties appear totally corrupted by the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision, and money buying favoritism, candidates, and elections from both parties (with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders who actually refused money from wealthy business and industry).

In 2016, it appears to me that the ordinary voting People had nothing to do with the two Presidential candidates, one of whom will become President of the United States; and American democracy has perhaps been eliminated totally and finally, in the United States of America.

So, I intend to force myself to watch the entirety of the Democratic Convention, as I did the Republican Convention, from a purely academic reference; I have long given up on any equitable nomination, by either party.

God bless America, and God help American People who need all the help they can get!

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