There are only 2 kinds of people in a society, Wealth and Labor, 1% and 99%, Workers and Queens. Wealth, 1%, and Queens are incapable of producing. Wealth never produced a thing.

Wealth relies entirely on Labor for production and services and that is why Wealth covets power; Wealth desperately needs to purchase and use Labor. This is the reason for the Taft Hartley Act in America; this is the reason Wealth bands together in unity like the Koch brothers and their John Birch Society in America.

Only Labor produces through the strength of their backs and the sweat of their brow. The strength of Labor’s back and the sweat of Labor’s brow is also the source of the wealth of the 1%; don’t ever forget it.

It is God’s fault you know, he made man so that even a wealthy man could not scratch his own back without Labor no matter how much gold the wealthy man had in his own pocket; wealth must have Labor to scratch his own back.

Wealth is power and Labor is power. Labor is power but only powerful enough when it is organized and works together in a union; wealth is power for whoever can possess the gold but wealth is extreme power when in unites.  But wealth cannot survive without Labor.

Wealth covets the power of labor; Labor covets the power of wealth. This is the struggle of a human society; but only Labor produces goods and services.

Labor can live alone; wealth cannot survive alone.

Wealth is worthless without Labor. Gold cannot pick an apple from a tree!

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