There seems to be some question about whether or not extremist Republicans will vote for Mitt Romney, if they are aware he is a Mormon, since these extremist Republicans are also Christian extremist who question the Christian basis of the Mormon Faith.

Holy crap! You can hear the John Birch Society Republican­s now chanting, “Fie fi fo fom, I smell the blood of a Mormon!”; that is, they would if they ever discover what a Mormon is; of course.

These extremist Christian Republicans do not realize that America has had at least three Presidents who were not Christian, beginning with John Adams who was Unitarian and two other admitted Unitarian Presidents­ who were elected President of the United States.

Personally, I savor the election of John Kennedy, a Catholic, because it had always been maintained that a Catholic could never be elected. It would appear that the reason that Kennedy was elected, was that Kennedy mentioned his Catholicis­m every day of his campaign, he explained every day how being Catholic would not affect his decisions as President, and the Catholic Bishops kept their mouths shut because of the beneficial prospects of having a Catholic President.

It would appear that President Kennedy convinced the voters that if they did not vote for him they were a religious bigot; I grew to love that man whom I did not support in the Democratic primary.

That was a classic election.

Of course I am NOT Catholic, nor Mormon, nor any of the multitude of organized Christian denominati­on or other varieties of religions (though I consider myself to be religious); I am unfettered and can be totally unbiased (maybe).

I consider organized religion of all types to be an incorporat­ed business, capitalist­ic, and dedicated to compete with all other religious faith, non-profit corporatio­ns, for which has the most members and biggest in size of their tax-exempt Holy edifice (not including the Amish, of course, whom I consider admirable people who do not have churches and do not prey on other religious faiths).

In my own case, I really don’t care if the President is Voodoo, as long as he represents the people in a democratic way without officially sacrificing chickens; unfort­unately for Romney, he won’t get my vote.

As for extremist Republicans, they would vote for any moron if he swore on oath that he believed in the immaculate-conception and lower taxes, before they would ever vote for a man conceived by a Black Father. Hey, just look at the quality of the rest of the other Republican candidates.

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