OK, so I have had it with hatred expressed by Americans and foreign terrorist!

First of all, I hate neither American extremist haters nor foreign terrorist! I refuse to hate anyone; because, I discovered a long ago that the feel of expressions of hatred destroy your very own happiness (contentment) and your own life. So, ask anyone and they will tell you I am one happy person, despite my rants about people who try to destroy my happiness like bin Laden, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the neighbor whose dog poops in my front lawn.


Of course, I disagree with those who hate me and/or my philosophy of life, and I condemn them for their ignorance and hatred; but, I desperately refuse to hate them for their own blind hatred, and instead, I always ask “why” do they hate me or anyone else, and what does their hatred accomplish for the benefit of mankind! Be very careful what you wish for!

Terrorists, are the fashionable thing for Americans to hate today, and today many people, other terrorists, Republicans, and Democrats consider me and President Obama to be terrorists of sorts, only because they hate us too for whatever reason!

What I have discovered is that American don’t even know why terrorists like bin Laden, or soldiers of other nations hate America, and are committing acts of terrorism against America or actually fighting in combat against America? Pity! It is shameful for people to hate someone who hates them and they don’t even find out why others hate them; unfortunately that is most often the case.

Why did bin Laden actually make his heinous attack on America on November 11, 2001; it doesn’t excuse him of his crime, but it is his reason for committing his crime, and if you want to eliminate crimes like bin Laden’s you have to know what caused bin Laden to commit his attacks of terrorism?

So, why are Afghans fighting against the American invaders? Whatever it is, it is not a valid excuse for killing American soldiers, but if you would wish that Afghan soldiers would not kill American soldiers you need to understand why Afghans ARE killing American soldiers.

Bin Laden himself, in a captured authenticated video, told the world that he committed the terrorist act against America on September 11, 2001, because America had defiled his Saudi Arabian Muslim Holy Land in 1990, by putting a U.S. Military base, with heavily armed nonbelievers, in Saudi Arabian Muslim Holy Land against the objections of all the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world; the US 911 Commission and History agree that this was bin Laden’s reason for 9/11, and unfortunately, most Americans do not even know it.

This does not excuse bin Laden at all, but that IS bin Laden’s reason for his 9/11 heinous attack; and so, therefore what has America done to prevent terrorist like bin Laden from attacking America? America did not even vacate the American military base in Saudi Arabia, though the Americans promised to do so, after America’s questionable 1991 ‘Desert Storm’ war invasion of Iraq.

So, America responded to the Saudi Arabian bin Laden’s 9/11 Terrorist Attack, by invading the sovereign nation of Afghanistan, who had nothing what so ever to do with the Saudi Arabian bin Laden’s attack on 9/11, or the Saudi Arabian terrorist hiding in a remote area of Afghanistan. Afghanistan was actually involved in a civil war, and had no control of bin Laden or the remote area where area bin Laden was hiding?

The Taliban ‘technically’ controlled Afghanistan in 2001, bin Laden was not Afghan or Taliban, and the previous US President Clinton had planned an Attack on bin Laden, a known terrorist, at his hidden base in Afghanistan ‘before 9/11’, but President Clinton did not carry out the attack on bin Laden, because President Clinton, was deeply involved in the process of his being impeached by Republicans in Congress at that time for lying about ‘getting oral sex from an intern’. (See Richard Clarke, “Beyond All Enemies”)

America invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and was still engaged in war, killing innocent Afghans in 2014, when President Obama officially ‘ended’ the war in Afghanistan.

When America invaded Afghanistan in 2001, Americans “carpet bombed” Afghanistan with B-52 bombers using anti-personnel cluster bombs and incendiary bombs and killing or maiming an estimated hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghan children, mothers, and fathers; there were ‘no military targets’ in Afghanistan because Afghans had suffered recent occupation by invading Russians.


A foreign correspondent was interviewing an Afghan soldier fighting the Americans, and ask the soldier why he was a Taliban? “I am not Taliban,” he said, “I am only fighting the American invaders who destroyed my home and killed my family.”

The soldier obviously appeared to hate America and Americans for good reason; however, I would gain nothing by hating the Afghan soldier. I have to have feelings of compassion for the Afghan soldier, because of his losses; however, if I were a soldier and fighting in the Afghanistan war, I would kill the Afghan soldier, in defense of my person.

Let me assure you that I am not a pacifist; I made that decision when I was doing my patriotic service in the U.S. Air Force. I do not have the faith to be a pacifist, in or out of military service; I have always physically defended myself my entire life. My mother taught me to fight to defend myself for my own survival.

However, I do not hate the Afghan soldier, hate Afghanistan, or even hate bin Laden, or hate President W. Bush, or hate Donald Trump or hate Hillary Clinton, or the neighbor whose dog poops on my front lawn; I simply get absolutely NO BENEFIT FROM HATING. I adamantly disagree with hate, with killing, with war, with any lack of compassion for others, and I believe in having compassion for all living creatures, and I believe in equality, fraternity, and liberty, however I do not benefit from hating any living being!

Personally, hating interferes with my enjoyment of life, happiness, and contentment. I do get mad, I do rant and rave, I get it out of my system and get on seeking out happiness in my life. Life goes in spite of the specter of hatred; and, hatred stays within us. It takes much more effort to eliminate your hatred and have compassion for all, even enemies; but compassion for all is the only gate to happiness and contentment!

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