Recently, in a friendly political email exchange with a friend of mine, I answered a charge that I might be sexist because I opposed Hillary Clinton’s Presidency, with the statement that I was actually very much a feminist and would love to see a strong charismatic and compassionate woman as President, who would work to help working Middle Class and Poor Americans and strive for peace in the world; and furthermore, I would have gladly voted for my mother to be President of the United States of America


For example, my mom was a fighter and a cancer survivor at age 50 and lived to be over 100; as a cancer survivor she was asked and did do radio spots (there was no TV) encouraging people with cancer to fight for their life.

My mother was quite humble and shy, but she agreed and did a great job for the fight against cancer. However, my mother was not a celebrity because she did not have a famous name, and her contribution to fighting cancer, did not benefit her in any way; she did the thing for love of humanity.

My mother was very proud of America and proud of her brother who went to fight the war in France in WWI; but my mother would never have voted for W. Bush’s Iraq Invasion Resolution like Hillary Clinton did, had Mom been a Senator.

Mom’s brother died in France in WWI, and she mourned his early death her entire life!

Mother was exceedingly intelligent and she finished High School but never graduated with a diploma because her senior English teacher insisted that she stand before the class and read Shakespeare aloud, and she REFUSED; she was not given any specific reason for any necessity for having to read aloud in front of the class, and she would not be bullied by threats from anyone, including her teacher.

Mom respected teachers but she did not consider herself a lesser human being than any teacher or anybody.

The teacher failed Mom in English; yet, my mother at age 91 wrote an autobiography for me using perfect grammar, perfect spelling, and perfect penmanship. And I must also add that my mother was our family Scrabble champion, who very seldom lost a game of a game she loved.

Mother made a multitude of decisions in her long life, and she seemingly made no mistakes; she did make mistakes, of course we all do, but if she made an error in judgment, she would apologize and make every effort to make it right.

Some people, like Mom, realize they made a mistake and make amends; and other people just refuse to admit their error of judgment.

Therefore some people have good judgment and others do not; the President of the United States of America should have good judgment, admit error, and make amends for her or his mistakes. And some Presidents of the United States of America have made a lot of mistakes of judgment, but never admitted it or made amends.

Mom was exceedingly intelligent and she had something very important that Hillary Clinton has not exhibited, COMPASSION FOR ALL MANKIND AND ALL LIVING THINGS!

Hillary’s idea of having compassion, is telling a lie about going on a visit of compassion to Bosnia and her and her daughter having to run, dodging sniper bullets at the Bosnia airport, running from their plane to the terminal. . (“Clinton ‘Misspoke’ About Bosnia Trip, Campaign Says”: )

Now my mother might tell a fib in a compassionate effort to save someone else embarrassment or feelings, but Mom would never lie for her own aggrandizement.

From a feminist and my point of view, no one can question my mother’s ability to do anything, including being President of the United States; she never had the opportunity, of course.

Mom was poor her whole life and never became internationally famous; but she was famous with anyone who became acquainted with her, including total strangers, because they knew that she cared for them whoever of whatever they were, because of Mom’s behavior, not just her words.

My mom protected and defended her kids and taught us to have compassion for all people and cultures.

Mom’s father was wet-nursed by a ‘Black mammy slave’ as a baby. Both of my mother’s parents came from Southern families, but my mom considered every Black person she met as another human being just like herself; she treated Blacks the same as she treated everyone else and equally, and most everyone loved her as I do.

In contrast, Hillary was born with a silver spoon in her mouth with a Barry Goldwater mentality, she has never actually DONE anything great for the benefit of common People, never DID anything for the benefit of World Peace or working Middle Class and Poor Americans, never rallied behind organized labor, which is the only voice of working Americans, and Hillary bullies voters, condemns Bernie Sanders liberal progressive ideals, embraces Republican racists, and voted for a war for benefit Corporate American and their foreign investments.

Be assured, I so not hate Hillary Clinton, and my mom would not hate Hillary, but we would both question her honesty, charity, and trust.

Hillary acts like a spoiled brat who wants and deserves Presidential power and fame for her own gratification and aggrandizement, and actually she needs our compassion, because she will never be satisfied unless she wins the presidency, but in honesty she has not earned my vote.

Bernie Sanders is fighting for me and the working Middle Class and Poor who suffer from America’s income inequity, Hillary’s wars of aggression, and Hillary’s supporters, Corporate America’s power and greed.

Like my mother, I cannot be bullied into voting for Hillary even as the lesser of two evils, because voting for the lesser of two evils, is still voting for evil to govern our nation. I cannot do that to my country and I refuse to be bullied into electing a President void of compassion with a history of supporting wars of aggression fought for the benefit of wealthy and Corporate America, using American soldiers, exclusively of poor and Middle Class Americans. My mother would not approve.

However, I would vote for Mom for President with a clear conscience knowing that she did have what it takes to be a good President of the United States.

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